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Thread: Bakery Story: February - September 2022

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    Neighbours For Goals

    I play Bakery Story and I am in need of neighbours who will accept any requests and gift goal parts. To which I will do in return. You don't have to tip me. Just want people to help with building all these ovens please. Help yourself to adding as many neighbours as you'd like.
    Just don't find the time to be able to tip and gift all my neighbours different gifts so will only be gifting goal parts.
    Thank You
    🆔- SethsGirl10

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    ID: eclairbear

    I’m a returning player and almost all of my neighbors have stopped playing. Add me please.

    I log into the game multiple times a day and accept+gift parts for goals. It would be nice if you gift goal parts as well. No need to tip me, but I do tip whenever I have extra time. I also play and need neighbors for Restaurant Story and Dragon Story, both under the same ID.

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    Looking for neighbors to accept requests and send goal parts as I'll do both in return... Don't have to tip just trying to complete the goals.
    🆔- AlphaMoon10

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    ID: moonglow82
    Daily player

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    ID- OrangeOtter25
    Neighbors to help with goals will send goal parts as gift also accept requests

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    New Resident
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    Aug 2022
    Add me please! LoganAA89

    Daily player, responsive to requests

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    Hello, add me and let's be friends!

    id: jjenmarieee

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    New Resident
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    Aug 2022
    Hello, played a while ago and just now starting all the way over. Would like to be added. Will tip and gift whatever you need. Thanks

    🆔 qdcakes25

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    I'm a former player who just decided to start over again. Add me: Snickygirl. I also play Restaurant Story.

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    Add me, kitty731cat

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