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Thread: GOAL: Colorful Cuisine - 2022 Jan 20 (5 Days)

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    Like this goal!! 🤗👍

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cool Cake

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    I only keep foods that sells for 8,10,and 12 coins. Everything else get dumped.

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    The recipes in this goal look better on their own but they are completely out of proportion with recipes from other stoves. They look super tiny. I probably won’t make two out of the 3 again. Players have voiced dislike for the tray presentation over and over, yet we get it for every single goal. Pedestals please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by saritadawn View Post
    I only keep foods that sells for 8,10,and 12 coins. Everything else get dumped.
    I keep only the 10 and 12 value food and still have variety. They have us making so much of the lesser value food for the goals, we will never sell it! Makes much more sense to dump it and collect on the higher value food. And i think my place just looks nicer without so many counters of food. Just my preference, I know some like all the counters.

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    Personal, in my opinion, I sell every food I cook. I don't care if it's worth 4 or 10 coins. Every food counts. I'm not going to spend THOUSANDS of coins making $4 food (for goals) only to throw them away and receive NOTHING. No, I'm making myself lose more money. I like making money in the game so I can't risk losses

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