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Thread: Oaken Obstructiin tales seems to have obstructions!

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    Oaken Obstructiin tales seems to have obstructions!

    There are no tales quest in adventure outpost.
    There are no items or dragons for tales in spell shop.
    This is as of 20 mins after tales were first available.

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    Thank you for flagging! I reported this over to the team and will let you know when I have an update.
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    Seems to be taking a fair bit to fix the issue,,never usually does???

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    I have the dawnleaf dragon now in my spell shop but the first marker to craft the dragon is missing . Could someone please check on this. Thanks.

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    The team is working on it, but the tools are spitting fire so it's taking some advanced Dragon caretaker skills to resolve. ;<

    On a lighter note, the pun in the thread title is magnificent.

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    Thanks for the update Elsa.

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    I am Sooo Sooo tired of not being able to get on DS to play the game!!! I got on to start/ Plant 6 Firapples & haven?t been able to get back on since. I don?t finish any Dragon Tales because of this.
    Team Lava Team/ Please get Your act together! This is the Only Game I am having trouble with.

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