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Thread: SALE: 2022 Jan 14 - Winter Wedding Sale (6 Days)

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    I do not remember skipping this goal but then I do not remember this goal at all. And I do not have these ovens.

    They would sell a lot more of them at 10 gems a pop. People who balk at 25 gems for an oven would spend 30 or 40 gems if the appliance was cheaper. This is a foolish move, pricing them so high.

    When iTunes first got popular, some companies insisted on selling hit songs as Album Only. **Drops of Jupiter** was one such song. They were told to sell singles because selling at 79 cents (or whatever it was) would make them much more money than selling for ten dollars, but a few companies decided to go for broke. They lost big on those songs. Now songs sell for $1.00 and the companies make a lot more cash. There are some people who now call the practice of overcharging in the hopes of scoring big **going Drops Of Jupiter** or **doing Drops Of Jupiter**. That is about all you get - drops of nothing. You don’t make money by overcharging. Going for broke usually means you end up on the broke side, not the windfall side!!

    Five or ten gems per appliance unless that appliance has recipes people are dying to get. Then you could maybe go 10, 12 or even 15 gems and people will buy a few.

    At 25 gems - especially for a ho-hum appliance - you will be lucky to get people to buy one. Most people won?t even do that.

    This **Sell Old Appliances** is a good plan. It is especially good if they are offered for free during (for coins) during goals. It is fair, nobody is excluded. And if people who did the goal have the appliances - or have the food sitting out - newer players will see those awesome dishes and appliances and want to buy them! Assuming the appliances and recipes are good enough that players want to use them - you have your customers doing your advertising for you, which is awesomeness. Great plan. Now it needs to be better executed. And goals should include the ability to buy ovens as soon as it ends, so that you aren’t jumping through ridiculous LTO hoops every time you sell an appliance.

    This LTO stuff won?t make as much money as selling something. If it did, stores would be like *LTO Cheerios!* and *LTO automobiles!* and *LTO t-shirts* That is foolishness. Sell the stuff. Have it available. If the inventory costs nothing or very little, keep the stuff in stock!!!!

    Nobody goes to Toyota to hear, *Oh, jeez, I am sorry, we stopped selling Camrys in September. How about you wait and hope that we will have a Camry some other time, okay?* Nope! Not okay. People will not go home and hope for a Camry and jump for joy six years later, when Toyota is finally ready to sell one. They will go and buy a Honda Accord. Toyota sells one less car. And if they do this across the board, they do not get a world of people dying to buy Camrys when they are available again. They get a world full of Accords.

    And these people in their Accords - they associate Toyota will disappointment. They are twice as likely to refuse to even go to a Toyota showroom. They have an unconscious grudge against Toyota.

    LTO is stupid!!! LTO is a psychological gimmick employed by people with limited stock who hope that it will trick some folks into buying it up. It is usually employed by the desperate. Cease this LTO stupidity!! Sell what you have!!! And do not overprice it, for the love of Pete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul__ View Post
    Echo appliances are a new type of ovens which include previously released classic recipes that are already unlocked, regardless of if you completed the original goal!
    Do you by chance know if these new "Echo appliances" will be a reocurring thing? Like will we be getting a sale featuring these appliances every two weeks/month or so?

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    The ovens are to pricey for a sale. Not a lot of players can afford this.

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    The winter wedding chairs are not showing up in my bakery. I can place them next to another item, then it shows up. Willing to pay the 2 gems for chairs but not if they don’t work properly. My main bakery completed this goal, so everything shows up fine. I am hoping this gets fixed before the sale is up. I do find that the elegant chairs for 4,000 coins each go quite well with the winter wedding tables if for some reason I can’t get those chairs to work.

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    i remember i finished those winter wedding goals in 2013 (since i started to play at Dec 2012) and got all the prizes, but today it showed me that all the items i won was disappeared and I have to buy them by gems? why? 😱

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    Quote Originally Posted by rover_a View Post
    i remember i finished those winter wedding goals in 2013 (since i started to play at Dec 2012) and got all the prizes, but today it showed me that all the items i won was disappeared and I have to buy them by gems? why? 
    These are technically different items that cost gems. If you scroll to the back of your market, you should see the old items purchasable for their original price. Your old items will also still be there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blossomingsakura View Post
    Seems like a random sale - or maybe what hopefully is the start of some sort of new biweekly mini sale that features old goal items that are available for market purchase for a limited time.

    This is from the 2014 Winter Wedding Goal, and randomly, a 1st Place Crate Prize in the Winterland from the Winter Gift is also on sale (and 2 other items).

    Winter Wedding is the final goal prize, Winter Bouquet is one of the items you can buy while navigating through the steps, as well as the Winter Wedding tables, chairs and counters. It seems the only two items from that goal that are not on sale are the love lights (wall deco) and love sculptures (floor deco).

    I have to appreciate that it looks like old goal items are coming back, the ovens are a nice inclusion too for people who want the nice-looking food on their counters. For the expensive price of the appliance, Winter Echo Oven, mastering recipes for gems won't be the reason to buy the oven.

    The items cost gems because I guess they are seeing it as - if you weren't there to complete the goal, you have to pay premium if you want it. I think the pricing is reasonable besides the oven, the oven should probably just be 5 gems. At least give some sort of incentive for someone to buy it other than the cute-looking recipes.
    Completely agree with you on every point you mentioned.

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    I remember that goal very well.
    I think "echo" talks for itself ))
    Hoped they included some add recipes, but if no - I'm glad for those who didn't have it before.

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    I remember how some players were requesting, including myself, old goal items but mainly old stoves, to be re-offered. Even for gems, because we would pay if necessary.

    I am glad that the players who participated in this goal a few years back didn't have to lose their prizes for these to be re-released. Even if for gems this time.

    I hope this is successful for Storm8 and they eventually do more past goals. I really would like to see the Floral goal set and the New York themed one from 2016 to be re-offered as well. I definitely would pay gems for this one. And probably for a few others as well depending on what more they possibly do, if any more.

    Anyways, I won't be buying anything from this particular goal. As I already have it on another bakery where I can just get it for coins.

    The first place offering, (Winterland) is very nice but also unexpected. However, I don't have a bakery I would like it in.
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    Does anyone know if the recipes in the Winter Echo Oven are different than the Winter Oven in the IOS version? They both look exactly the same. I don?tt want to spend 25 gems on an oven with recipes I already have.
    Thanks for any information!

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