Surprisingly, the 19 neighbor request for Chapter 9 I sent out came in and counted correctly within several hours of my sending them out. Making the 20th request to Stormie completed the goal an hour later. That allowed me to craft everything in preparation for Chapter 10.

When Chapter 10 opened, I immediately cleared the first three goals and started on the Gnome Shoes. Only six hours to go and I’ll be done right? Wrong! When I came back in six hours later to collect the Gnome Shoes and to finish the upgrading, the game refused to allow me to login. I kept at it, tapping on retry several times every hour or so. This went on and on and when I finally managed to get in, I was 15 minutes too late to win the Cobbler Oddly enough, it allowed me to complete the upgrading of the shop to level 10, but it did not award me the prize

I’ll submit a ticket but am not hopeful that they would award me The Cobbler.