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Thread: GOAL: Back to Basics - 2022 Jan 06 (15 Days)

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    We all wanted to go back to how great the prizes and the game once were but they just gave us vanilla nonsense.. I feel like playing this isn?t worth it. Every time I log on I have to X out of pop ups and ads and the goals just have no passion in the designs. It just sucks that they obviously don?t care. I already deleted all my other storm games this is the only survivor.. not for long tho,

    You can only take so much disappointment

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    And it requires 30 baked items to get past the 2nd to the last goal item... I haven't been able to finish the last 3 goals

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    Quote Originally Posted by natasha_07 View Post
    even though it is bakery related, who wants a giant batter bowl with beating eggs.

    Sorry, but that's not creative enough for the amount of work required to get it.
    i so agree with you! These ?prizes?are getting awful.

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    Main goal prizes are not worth the time,effort and coins/gems spent spent!!
    Bakery Story Game is not fun anymore!

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    Terrible goal items, and you're expecting too much of your player base with the huge number of dishes required to finish goals. I don't need another job...just my old game that I used to enjoy.��

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    Please for future 15 day goal decrease the amount of dishes required to finish the goal. Is almost impossible!!

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    At this point we all sound like broken records. If they wanted to fix the issues, they'd have fixed them. They're clearly okay with their customers dissatisfaction.

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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to check in: is there anyone who is still unable to see the Mega Mixer floor decoration in their game?
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