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Thread: Fashion Story 2022: Looking for new neighbours? Add your ID here!

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    Please add me: lovepetco

    I play daily and need neighbors to help with goals. I don't really care about tips, but will gift daily. Level 99.

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    Mar 2017
    I play the game since 2015. Daily player, silent tipper and gifter. Looking for 3-4 stars neighbours in levels 99-100 who plays daily.

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    Jul 2022
    I used to play years ago, but forgot about the game. i?ve started playing again from scratch. add me @acek47 i play daily now !

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    Hey looking for new neighbors my ID is HorrorGeek87 and my shop name is Bees Boutique

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    I deleted all of my neighbors please add me I play every day I gift every day I tip every day I also play Restaurant story and bakery story and fashion story my I?d is Marii73

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