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Thread: Dragon Story 2022: Looking for new neighbours? Add your ID here!

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    Dragon Story 2022: Looking for new neighbours? Add your ID here!

    Looking for active neighbors? Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.

    Note: You can delete your own posts in this forum only.

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    Hi! I need some new friends, I’ve been playing too long and I think 90% of mine are inactive☹️ Here’s my ID: shel_by

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    I need a dayli gold gifter.....
    ID lenasdinner

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    ID: Saphira_MH

    Playing on Dragon Story and Fantasy Story

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    ID: eclairbear

    I’m a returning player and almost all of my neighbors have stopped playing. Add me please.

    I log into the game multiple times a day and accept requests and I gift daily. I also play and need neighbors for Restaurant Story and Bakery Story, both under the same ID.

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    ID is rockbellkid, just getting back into playing after being offline for a while. Hoping to find some active players still lurking about.

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