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Thread: GOAL: Minty Fresh - 2021 Dec 02 (15 Days)

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    I didn?t set the alarm and will not finish on time. I?ll be like one hour too late.

    I wanted that tree. Disappointed - and especially so since I was making an effort to keep up and get the tree.

    After Christmas, I am taking a break from this game.

    I really liked playing.

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    Storm… are you TRYING to get rid of your faithful players? Increasing the dishes required is pretty lousy on your part. I assume you want us to spend more.I doubt this will work. If you were offering something in return people might see things another way.

    For example.. sometimes it appears that more time is spent creating cute parts icons than creating nice prizes! Let us try for some of the older prizes that we can see, but can’t have. Something that really bugs me… why do we have to tap, tap, tap to get to the item we we already have in our possession? I finally find it… stuck in a random place that doesn’t relate to other items around it… grab it, go back for another, and good grief! I have to tap, tap, tap again. That’s just mean to us and rather lazy on your part.

    Maybe if you offered something that makes sense to US, the we could go along with your demands. And let’s face it; the requirements ARE demands. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that you asked for our input? Was that just to appease the players? Just make it look like you were listening? We are playing your games for our enjoyment. And you get to make money from that. If you are going to require more from us, then you need to give more back.

    Not trying to be rude … just getting fed up with some of this.

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    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well said!

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    I think I’m about done with this game. Just now got to the 10 hour recipe with three hours left to the end of the event. I have never had trouble finishing until they raised the quantities on everything.

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