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Thread: Customets going away with broken hearts when there is food and plenty of seats

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    Customets going away with broken hearts when there is food and plenty of seats

    I am trouble with customers going away at the register with broken hearts. I have food and plenty of tables and chairs. Nothing is blocking the way. Please help

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    Hi Montanaraye,

    I'm sorry this is happening to you Would you be able to post a photo or screenshot to better illustrate the issue? Based on your description alone, it doesn't seem like there should be a problem, but a screenshot would really help in figuring out why this might be happening.

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    Here's a little something that might help you figure out why the customers are unhappy based on where it is that they become unhappy on their standard route of enter-register-table-exit.

    - If they're unhappy at the door = register issue
    Register facing wrong way or no clear path to register
    - If they're unhappy at the register = there's an issue with seating/tables
    No clear path for customers to get to the empty seats available, not enough empty seating available
    - If they're unhappy at the table = food issue
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