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Thread: ☃️ Restaurant Story: Winter/Holiday Sale(s) Suggestion Thread

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    ☃️ Restaurant Story: Winter/Holiday Sale(s) Suggestion Thread

    Hi everyone,

    What items would you like to see in Winter/Holiday Sales in Restaurant Story?

    Whether it's furniture items; older decorations; box prizes; or discounts on boxes/existing items/expansions, please post below what you'd like to see on sale. Feel free to post items from other seasons too if you'd like! Pictures of items are highly encouraged.

    Note: this thread is for existing items in the game only. If there's something new you'd like to see come to Restaurant Story, please post your ideas in the Theme Suggestions thread. Please also note that while suggestions will be taken into account, it is ultimately at the Storm8 Staff's discretion as to what actually comes on sale at the time the sale(s) go(es) live.
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    I was really happy with this sale and got alot I wanted, but there should have been tables and chairs available. I am counting on a holiday/Christmas sale wayyyy before Christmas please so we can actually use the items to decorate. Here is a list of items I would like to see for the sale from the crates. I have tried to get these MANY times over the years and get everything but them REPEATEDLY.

    50's Diner - Greaser Car, Acorn Crate - Fall Picnic, Autumn Gift - Maple Bench, Beach Resort - Private Tiki and Pool Bar, Birthday Box - Birthday Swim, Bonfire - Volleyball, Cruise Box - Indoor Flow, Easter Chest - Egg Painting and Marshmallow Maker, Gelato - Gelato Carousel, Horn of Plenty - Parade Balloon and Pilgrim Thanksgiving, Lucky Chest - leprechaun house, Sunflower Crate - Sunflower Vendor, Valentine Box - Wall Candle, Surprise Ring, and Valentine Bear, Valentine Chest - Romantic Mixer Lounge.

    Please release the Penguin Server and Penguin Ice ovens with ORIGINAL recipes.

    Here is a list of tables I want including anything that is not available:

    Winter/Christmas: Snowflake Table, Snowman Table, Winter Table, Frozen Table, New Year Table, North Pole Table, Banquet Table, Twinkle Table, Candy Cane, Reindeer Table, Gingerbread Table, Holiday Lights Table
    Valentines: Rose Table, Red Heart Table, Chocolate, Romantic Dinner Table, Blossom Table, Romantic Table, Love Boat table
    St Patricks: Shamrock Table
    Summer: Summer Tree Table
    Fall: Leafy Table, Hay Bale, Autumn Table, Fall Forest Table
    Misc: Barcode Table, Nothin But Net Table, Ping Pong Table, Watermelon Table, Juicy Apple, Love Light Table, Birthday Party Table,

    Here is a list of chairs I want:

    Winter/Christmas: Holly Chair, Snowflake, Sleigh Stool, Ornament, Ornament Ball, Holiday Lights Chair, Snowy Chair, Log Chair, North Pole Chair, Winter Chair, Santa Stool, Holiday Home Chair, Ice Chair, New Chair, Santa Chair, Merry Chair, Candy Cane, Gingerbread Chair
    Valentine: Rose, Chocolate, Romantic Dinner Chair, Blossom Chair,
    Easter: Egg
    Fall: Fall Forest Chair, Leafy Chair, Autumn Chair
    Misc: Rustic Apple, Amplifier Seat, Basket Chair, Shopping Chair, Crystal Chair, Ping Pong

    Wall Decor:
    Holiday Gift Door, Valentine Menu, Summer Dreams Door

    Past Goal Items - Either put for sale or redo the goals please:
    Teachers Desk, Cafeteria Fun, Cornhole, Pool Party, Blanket Fort, Winter Date in Paris, Penguin Pals, Icy Column, Penguin Party, Beachgoers, Easter Egg Bush, Easter Egg Pile, Easter Egg Party, Sleep Eater, Fondue Couple, Grape Picking, Archway Photo Op, Playtime Pool, Romantic Lounge, Pizza Fanatic, Romantic Pond, Pizzeria Kitchen, True Love Tree, Love's Eternal Flame, Phoebe's Stand, Lemonade Sign, Iced Tea Break, Vacation Billiards, Loving Celebration, Rosey Center, Lover's Carousel, Root Beer Server, Root Beer Bar, Root Beer Party, Summertime Flick, Purple Pouches, Carrot Crew, Giant Topiary, Springtime Spread, Bunny Dance, Painting Eggs, Pilgrim Planter, Fall Divider, Snow Covered Car, Photography Session, Beach Party, Pilgrim Platter, Garden Archway, Garden Pond, Seaposts, Frosty Feast, Puddle Play, Desert Oasis, Desert Camp, Refreshing Fun, Late Coffee, Dinner Rush, Shark Pit, Jumping the Shark, Ice Skating Girl, Winter Couple, Ice Rink, Pizza Line, Tremendous Toss, Pizza Party, Basic Pumpkin Spice Girl, Pumpkin Spice Sale, pumpkin Spice Coffee House, Pizza Display, Pizza Toss, The Barbeking, Firegazers, Knitting Circle, Beach Toss, Faux fountain, Ultimate Relaxation, Meal Prep Kitchen, North Pole Sign, Christmas Reindeer, Sunflower Meadow, Eternal Roses, Bacon Mascot, Bacon Display, Bacon Festival, Log Line, Tree Transport, Joey Roo, Koala Climber, Under My Umbrella, Glass Boat Bottom, Winter Spread, Snow Ceremony
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Christmas Visitor🎄.jpeg 
Views:	525 
Size:	182.5 KB 
ID:	61377Christmas Visitor
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dancing Dogs.jpg 
Views:	517 
Size:	232.5 KB 
ID:	61378Dancing Dogs
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dragon Dance & Chinese Archway.jpg 
Views:	518 
Size:	188.9 KB 
ID:	61379Dragon Dance & Chinese Archway
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Indoor Koi Pond.jpeg 
Views:	505 
Size:	36.7 KB 
ID:	61380Indoor Koi Pond
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Pearl Fountain.jpeg 
Views:	501 
Size:	116.1 KB 
ID:	61381Pearl Fountain

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    Please offer The Haunted Diner

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    Harvest tree, Midsummer pool, Korean garden, Panini corner, Panda pen, Greek garden, Rance picnic, State fireplace, Rorisserie station for sell please. And also there's no floor and tables available for winter now. Please add some too.

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    - New expansions for coin discounts.

    - White Christmas tree.

    - Christmas visitor.

    - 'Holiday Box' items outside for individual purchases.

    - Lyrics sheet stand.

    - Carolers.

    Suggestions To Improve Game Experience HERE

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    Would love to see more indoor, cozy decor! More winter or holiday themed or non holiday themed indoor furniture, ?couch-like? chairs and ?coffee table-like? tables that the customers can eat on but also prizes or items, like more cozy SOFAS, Coffee tables and maybe a house with garage and driveway, smoke coming from chimney, etc 😍😍? AND A BED! Maybe a winter BEDTIME goal! Or a bedtime goal sometime soon!
    Also Love the snow covered car, I missed it! Would love to see it return with more snow covered items, and MORE Winter prop trees, (Snow-covered?? &#128525

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	42.jpg 
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Size:	88.9 KB 
ID:	61470 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	41.jpg 
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Size:	76.1 KB 
ID:	61471

    I would like to see the monster oven for sale. It's a terrific oven that has great Halloween recipes. This oven has been locked for many years. Although Halloween already passed, many players including me would be interested in buying more of those ovens. That is probably the best Halloween appliance. Please bring some ovens for coins and this appliance would be perfect.

    Gem dispenser

    Please bring and reduce the price of magic stove and the other two for IOS users. Two hundred gems is a bit high. In the last two sales those ovens were not for sale.

    Please reduce the price of appliance slots
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    See below
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    More expansions
    Holiday Train
    North Pole table/chairs
    North Pole sign
    Ice/icy tile
    Snowy centerpiece
    Alpine table and chairs
    Candy cane tables
    Winter bouquet
    Holiday bouquet
    Ice skating girl
    Stone wall
    Red plank tile
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