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Thread: When does Black Friday end?

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    When does Black Friday end?

    Title. When does the sale end?

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    Need to know too… I’m game is not loading again. First time was 3 weeks. Then I played for not even a week and it’s back to not loading for 2 weeks. Then I managed to get back and use gold to finish the leaderboard and dragons that are ending. Last night I cant load again up to now and my other account has no problem at all. It’s frustrating cause it’s Black Friday sale and there’s a lot of habitat I want to buy. ������

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    99% of the tome, sales start and end on Tuesdays and Fridays, so this sale might go until Tuesday morning. That being said, I have occasionally seen a holiday sale end when the holiday weekend is over. Therefore, I would try to purchase everything I want by Monday morning at game reset time.

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