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Thread: SALE: 2021 Nov. 26 - Black Friday Sale (4 Days)

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    SALE: 2021 Nov. 26 - Black Friday Sale (4 Days)

    Black Friday Sale - 4 Days

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show

    Master Box Guide for details on boxes in general and what items are in each


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    Thanks Anniras

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    Elf workshop was the only thing I wanted

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    A lot of the items are priced really cheap, I'm glad to finally get the 'pile of gifts' I've been wanting for so long.

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    While a lot of it is good. Most everything, unfortunately costs gems. So, storm8 must be desperate, hoping we’ll spend money in the game. Bakery Story seems to have more stuff on sale than Restaurant Story!

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    Mixed reviews from me :/

    The positives:
    • The steep, steep discounts. I think this is the first time ever we're seeing first-place box prizes discounted to as low as 2 gems. It's a crazy steal - big kudos to whomever on the team decided to put this out I love being able to buy items for low prices.

    • We got a few items that haven't come out on sale in years - I'm glad to see these available for purchase as well

    The negatives:
    • All the items on sale are only purchasable with gems (Quite puzzling since Bakery Story's sale included coin items - not sure why they were excluded in Restaurant Story). There are plenty of coin items I would've liked to see brought back to be able to purchase, too.

    • This sale really seemed to focus on wall decor, floor decor, and boxes - across the other categories, there were only 2 counters and 1 floor tile. This is really sad - you'd think after the feedback on the Halloween Sale, the team would know that we also want to see items in these other categories. (Also puzzling since Bakery got items across all categories).

    • No specialty appliances or appliance discounts of any sort

    Feedback for future sales:

    • Please give us items across ALL market categories. There are plenty that were previously removed that can be brought back!
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