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Thread: SALE: 2021 Nov. 26 - Black Friday Sale (4 Days)

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    I really hoped also for the Pastry hub and Sampler cart as separate items...�� The Cake and tea box isn’t even on this sale if I’m not wrong...

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    I went ahead and created a thread for the Pie Crate here so players can see the info on the items available. With only a few days on offer, I didn't want to wait around too long and have players miss out. I'll update the thread if there are any changes such as how long it's listed, etc.

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    I like this black Friday sale!! I bought a lot I didn't have! This sale is wayyyyy better than farm story's

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    bought heaps of stuff. really wished they had the grassy leaves tiles though

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    I think my main comment would be that WHY ALL THE FALL stuff after Thanksgiving passes. This should have all been offered early September. This sale should be all winter/Christmas/and random wanted items. I am happy I was able to buy ALOT! I did put out serious cash to do so.
    One comment for the crates is they need to be a control in there for gifting the same item OVER AND OVER. We are spending lots of money and its so annoying when you get same thing repeatedly and not the item wanted. I would like to see them release all items for crates and sell them individually. Restaurant Story does this - their BF sale pulls items from many of the crates. It is so helpful to just get the item that you want.
    I am praying there is another sale because we need tons of Christmas. Please for the love of Winter bring back the Snowman Oven and Snowman Stove with ORIGINAL recipes. It would be nice if ALL the goals could just be repeated. I really want the Snowman Tree brought back too please. There is so much I would pull from the current catalogue that I would never buy or use and replace it with all the good items. I wish I could work for them and make the changes we all want.

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    So happy to see all the doors for so few gems! I've been wanting them for a while.

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    I was hoping for some holiday items, but I love this sale anyway! I have been playing for a long time and there were definitely items that I’ve never seen. It would be nice to have a few more items that you can buy with coins, but the past few sales were so disappointing that I had a lot of gems saved up. I’m very happy with my purchases.

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