Call it "Item of the Month". Have the players suggest what it will be and then we vote on it. Only stay for a month in the design menu. Lot of older items I can't buy that I want. So I get you don't want it there in the design menu permanently because you might use it for goal. But this way it can attract people to spend gem on it. Can still use it for goal as it will be in the design menu a limited time. This might attract new and older players to be active again? Who doesn't like anticipating what the new item of the month will be? I know I would. Lots if things in the the design menu but I see so many older things I like. Like the item with succulent theme. My vote goes to pastel floral stained glass window though. You might also get more activity in the forum for this game if you do this. Also show you listen to player suggestions. Very possible. Not as if you have to develop a new item. The item is already made. Please do this.