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  • I was able to complete the goals, and the raised requirements posed no issue

    4 3.31%
  • I was able to complete the goals, no gems spent, but raised requirements made it harder to complete

    20 16.53%
  • I was able to complete the goals, but had to spend gems to complete steps due to raised requirements

    13 10.74%
  • I was not able to complete the goals due to the raised requirements

    52 42.98%
  • I was not able to complete the goals, but was not planning to anyway (only until a certain step)

    4 3.31%
  • I did not participate in this goal due to the raised requirements

    10 8.26%
  • I did not participate in this goal due to other reasons

    1 0.83%
  • I completed both the side goal and the main goal

    18 14.88%
  • I completed the side goal, but not the main goal (due to raised requirements)

    35 28.93%
  • I completed the side goal, but not the main goal (because the side goal was my bigger focus)

    2 1.65%
  • I did not complete the side goal or the main goal

    15 12.40%
  • I would like the raised requirements to apply to future goals

    2 1.65%
  • I would NOT like the raised requirements to be applied to future goals

    105 86.78%
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Thread: GOAL: This and That - 2021 Nov 16 (15 Days)

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    Suggestions to improve gem sales

    I really hope someone on the team sees this:
    I would gladly spend more gems if
    1. The quality of goals improve. I?m talking about the recipes, decor and the backstory of the goals! More vibrant colours! Not just brown and brown. More varieties in recipes, not just recycling recipes over and over. Reintroduce drink machines for every goal!
    2. Free gems don?t go away after gem purchase. Honestly this is the major reason why I don?t buy gems. Just. I want to support the game but I don?t want to feel like I am just some fat cow for you to milk.
    3. Revert back to old goal requirements. Please, I have work and this new increase is really tough on me.
    4. Make a monthly subscription maybe $9.99 a month we get an additional update of decor and ovens. Maybe it can be a tiered subscription: for $19.90 we get to unlock past recipes and past items as well. $29.90 get 5 gems/ 100 k coins per day? Just an idea

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    Jul 2018

    Fed up

    I?ve just finished the goal (literally) with buying 5 + 5 ovens (didn?t use gems)
    Hate the increased requirements - it made this goal a chore
    Playing games is supposed to be for fun and relaxation - this was neither fun nor relaxing ☹️

    Didn’t bother with the side goal as didn’t like the prize

    The decor, recipes, prizes are awful, I intend to sell them as I won?t be using them
    Why can?t there be other decor items to match the goal/season that can be purchased separately (with coins not gems) as well as goal prize items?

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    So sad, that Storm8 raised the goal requirements AGAIN! 40 items for a 10hr dish! It is impossible to complete! You need to sacrifice you life/ work and family in order to finish goals these days. I've played this game for years and enjoed it, but now I'm sure I would not participate in future goals. It is just very sad, that instead of fixing some issues many players complaining about or doing something to make game more interesing Storm8 doing everything to drive people away.

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    I voted im neutral on raised goal requirements, i can still finish so either way im good

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    I've always been having kind of an on off relationship with Bakery story. Downloaded sometime around 2011 for the first time. Didn't stay too long bc I didn't like the game at first.
    A few years later I decided to give Bakery Story one more chance. I downloaded it again sometime in 2013 and was blown away by how much it changed, in a good way. There were goals, great decor and nice items. We were getting 1 goal per month, the goal themes were really creative & the goal requirements were adequate. We also used to get updates every 2 weeks or so, where new decor/stoves were introduced to the general store. These were the most exciting times of playing BS. I got hooked on the game and became a really "hardcore" player.
    I've been playing very actively for a couple of years, until the end of 2018. But then I noticed some sort of lack of interest to the game. I didn't find the goals exciting anymore and stopped doing them. And that?s when I pretty much quit playing, at least regularly. From that moment on I was just sporadically checking in, waiting for seasonal/holiday sales featuring items from the past years...
    But it seems like I just can?t quit playing BS for ever. No matter what I always keep coming back bc it?s always been my favorite game.

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    Ok.....this is toooooooo much!
    What storm8 thinks?
    .......we don't have life?work?family?social life? NOTHING....???
    Even if we play 26h a day this game,I don't know if it's possible to finish.
    Maybe it's time to let go this game and find something more fun

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    Too Many Demands
    I have been playing Bakery Story since May 2014.
    The raised / increased parts and bakery items made it much harder to compete.
    I started this game because it was fun.
    Now, this game is no longer fun. This game is a chore.
    I have a neighbor who told me she will be quitting the game for good in December of 2021.
    I have lost many neighbors over the years, as the Bakery Story changed, and not for the better.
    The 15 day goals, with a 5 day goal are now challenging.
    One has to plan in advance how to bake the required items, plus buy many stoves in order to get the goal completed.
    This is not fun to me, but a chore. My enjoyment of this game is gone.

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    That?s just crazy! I have 2 accounts, thankfully on my main account I was able to finish the goal on time, but haven?t had the chance on my 2nd. Way too much requirement, too much parts, too much servings to complete the goal in 15 days!!! It should be a game to relax and de-stress not the other way! Hopefully the S8 team can resolve!

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    I wanted to start playing actively once again.
    But it seems like nowadays you have to be 24/7 online in the game if you want to be able to complete the goals. Now, with 15 day goal timer, collectible parts & rediculous recipe quantities, you'll have to set your alarm clock in the middle of the night to finish the goals in time....

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    They must have listened, I still had 7 x 10 hour recipes to do to complete the goal, but as I logged in and finished my current 10 hour recipes, the goal completed. Weird, but I'm super happy, I was going to have to set an alarm and wake up in the early hours of the morning to finish it.

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