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Thread: 🎄 Dragon Story: Black Friday / Holiday Sale Suggestions 2021

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    🎄 Dragon Story: Black Friday / Holiday Sale Suggestions 2021

    Dragon Story Black Friday / Holiday Sale Suggestion Thread

    With Black Friday and the Holidays just around the corner, what would you like to see in a possible Black Friday / Holiday Sale in Dragon Story?

    If there are any specific dragons, habitats, decorations, or anything else you would like to see, feel free to post them below! Pictures are highly encouraged.

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    Note: Please also note that while suggestions will be taken into account, it is ultimately at the Storm8?s discretion as to what actually comes on sale at the time the sale(s) go(es) live. This thread is not for suggesting new features or changes to the game. All off topic posts will be removed.
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    Feb 2019
    1. Neo Glasswing Dragon
    2. Neo Valiant
    3. Jungle Queen
    I've spent thousands of dollars on Storm8 games, but I'm still not valued by the company.

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Asking for this for 5yrs, Bring Back Fairy Crossroads habits on sale!!!!!!!!!! Also old GPDs, North Star, Rose Gold, Forbidden, Sterling Silver, and Stainglass.

    Beyond that good.sales on 5 dragon habitats. E.g. Arcane Fire, Five Peaks, Mega Flowers, Cascading Falls, Regal Castle, etc.

    Also, instead of constant new dragons, bring back old ones in the various events often.

    It seems so frustrating when us long long time players reply to these posts and rarely if ever get our requests filled. 😟 I've totally given up on new land and fully playing events due to space issues, but there are some things S8 could do to help play, such as cheap Fairy Crossroads and other 5's I mentioned, as it would free up a chunk of space and make the game playable for 6 more months for me atleast.
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    Rhino Keeper
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    Jungle Queen dragon, as mentioned above
    GPD dragons, on sale, as mentioned above

    Can we also have a Spin to Win?

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    Love to have the Rose Gold dragon back at a discounted cost... or it'd be great if any of the gold type dragons are on sale Currently most of them cost 4000 gold bars which are not affordable at all

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    GPD especially Midas & Stainglass.

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Please bring back the old GOLD PRODUCING DRAGONS… All I ask for

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    GPDs too!!! Has it even been released once in 2021?

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    Rhino Keeper pod5124cra's Avatar
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    Try having more things on sale for coins and not gold so tired of the greed.

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    This would be a huge ask, being able to upgrade the gold habitats. Where I can place 40 dragons in 8 5 dragon habitats, I can only place 24 dragons in the same space, yes I know there are currently only 22 that have been released! Seems a lot of unused real estate!

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