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Thread: Castle Story: Black Friday sale suggestions

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    Ditto for haunted keep - I have been absolutely craving that!

    Plus, mysterious man for elusive scrolls, oh, please please please....

    For new releases if any, purple a butterfly that drops the purple seal would be fantastic! I have all the other butterflies and we are missing a niche...

    Appreciate all suggestions really, e.g. deco from past events. There were pink bushes and cute snowy pines, for instance. Would love to have them in inventory. : )

    And love shack of course! : )

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    All previous Christmas items, I would also like to purchase the 'Snowy Cabin' as I missed it on BF last year.

    Thank you.

    Suggestions To Improve Game Experience HERE

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    We need one more building for tickets trading.

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    Love the Black Friday Sale!
    Hopefully Storm8 will throw in a couple of my suggestions.
    Here’s my list:


    Tide Turtle

    Ceremonial Elephant

    Medieval Drummer

    Royal Road
    (another 99)
    - similar to the extra Cobblestone Paths that were added in previous sales.

    Ocean Floor Path

    Oasis Saplings/Trees

    I’d love to see a lot of the previous events’ trees and flowers on sale.
    (for coins)

    I’d also love to see a new character - the Kingdom Jester!
    (A regular version of the Ghostly Jester)

    And we do need something that drops the Seal Of The Dark Elf.
    Perhaps another dark elf character?

    Thanks Storm8 for creating such beautiful items and characters that we all love so much!
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    Sorry if this is long but Please consider!

    Clock tower with limit of at least 2 because I need 2

    Glass Palace set (palace, dragon , carriage ..etc)

    Half off white weekly white Alicorn's ,Destrier, Rouncey..Please it's been 3 years!!!

    Rose Palisades , Glass Bottle Palisades, Tea light Palisades

    Sun mosaic tiles for 1 gems

    Meadow tree

    Grand blossom tree
    For coins please!!! No more than one gems at least! We're poor! Lol

    Paradise blooms, Autumn blooms, Sprite Blooms, Moon flower, sunburst flower.

    Forest Dahlia,Meadow Tree, Forest tree, Forest thistle, fire lily, ice lily

    Feanor (I missed him twice)

    I 2nd haunted keep

    I do like the idea of bringing all the wisps back. I even want the caged one. Maybe create a dark seal one too! Or Amber and Hagypagy's idea.
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    I would like to see the Ocean Floor Path in the Black Friday sale. I did some decorating after expansions, and ran out of them. They are beautiful in water areas!

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    I really really really need an orange flyger very much! I am hoping he will be on sale either black Friday or any Monday sale.

    And now I definitely want a haunted keep

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    Guaranteed Fang Beast spawned (22 hour timer). Guaranteed Seal of Faun dropper (2 day timer)

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    I really enjoy my Treeple, beaver and portapillar. They all similarly drop grass patch, tree stump & wooden beam. I recall someone on the forum mentioning it would be cool to have a creature that dropped equivalent rock items which I think would be awesome!

    Examples: it would drop rock pile, stone block and rare rock outcropping. I would love that so much! I probably waste more energy clicking on them instead of using the workshops to make these items but they are fun rewards to receive and make weekday warrior enjoyable to already have the needed items in storage.

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