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Thread: Eidolon Dragon - 2021 Oct 26

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    Eidolon Dragon - 2021 Oct 26

    Eidolon Dragon - new dragon

    Rarity: Common
    Type(s): Spooky + Red
    Available at: Level 15
    Buying Price: 400 gold
    Selling Price: 100 coins
    Breeding Combination: Yellow + Red
    Breeding & Incubation: 4 hours
    Exp Gained: 780 xp
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    red and yellow
    2 neo - 12 hr , 9 hr ((

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    Does anyone have Eidolon yet? Pic of the egg? I’m not having any luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajicHearts View Post
    Does anyone have Eidolon yet? Pic of the egg? I’m not having any luck
    No luck for me, either, and I have 4 accounts - not a single 1.
    I've spent thousands of dollars on Storm8 games, but I'm still not valued by the company.

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    Yesterday, as with all days since three months ago, it took me a full hour of tapping on the "TRY AGAIN" button just to get into the game. I set a plain old Fire Dragon and a plain old Air Dragon in the Breeding Den and four hours later, spent another two hours trying to get in again, just to get the Eidolon Dragon egg on the nest.

    I don't know why I bother with getting into the game anymore, even occasionally. It's obvious TO ME that the powers that be aren't bothered about having the issues fixed.

    I'm not sure I want to waste another hour or two, after this egg hatches, to get into the game again.

    Please save your energy and don't give me any advice to contact support and submit a ticket. Been there, done that.

    The design of the egg looks inspired by some flag from the Middle East.

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    Once again I got kicked out of the game and can’t get back in. Why o Why.? So frustrating

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