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Thread: Not able to play events

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    Not able to play events

    I am having an issue where I am not able to play the events. When a new event is available I click on it in the goals tab then click on the buy button for the appliance, but the appliance is stilled grayed out with the lock symbol in the corner so I am unable to get the appliance for the event. The event is active so I should be able to get it, I don?t have the max amount of appliances, so I am not understanding why I am unable to get the event appliance. I have contacted storm8 and they keep telling me the game is working fine and that there might be another goal to complete first which I don?t understand, the event is to buy the appliance and cook with it but the game is not letting me get the appliance! So in other words the first goal is to get the appliance. Does anyone know what other kind of goal they could be talking about? Has this happened to anyone else and had it fixed? I play both on my iPad and on my android and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and nothing seems to be working. It?s like there?s a bug that is keeping me from being able to get the event appliances but storm8 keeps telling me everything is working fine.
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    In 15 Day Goals the first goal is to purchase wallpaper and floor tiles which will then unlock the first new appliance for the goal. The second goal is to then purchase the appliance and begin cooking.

    Usually, there is only one active goal at a time to complete but there are certain times when there are two goals open at once which can be confusing. The first & second goals will open at the same time and so it's super easy to mix up which goal should be completed first.

    You can check the current goal thread here to help figure these things out - the goals are written out in the order in which they should be completed and there are images included to help cut the confusion as well.

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