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Thread: Neighbors part Request from 2 days ago now JUST show up ?!?!

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    Neighbors part Request from 2 days ago now JUST show up ?!?!

    Flatform- iOS 14.8
    Bakery Story 1.9.3
    Looking at Newsfeed when this happened.

    Part request from neighbor just now showed up. Said from 2 days ago.

    Never saw a request from that person at all prior! This affects Goal!

    I?m on top when it comes to giving, How I do it is that I keep my neighbors a minimum. That lets me tip and gift each one personally. I do not mass gift.

    Have two issues about gifts, neighbors and pending.

    I have deleted some neighbors and about 5 always show up in pending gifts. To remind me to gift them back? App needs to recognize they?re no longer neighbors therefore should not show up in pending anymore. Makes no sense and show up unnecessarily. This is issue one.

    MAIN ISSUE below.

    Think it?s a bug or glitch. Happen to me on more than one occasion.

    Below when Pending list show up to remind you to gift back neighbors.

    Some neighbors show when I already gifted them that & some neighbor?s request do not show up at all! I write on their wall to Request because I always Request. That way we get the same amount of gifts. Maximize gifting.

    I just now saw a Parts request from a neighbor & it said TWO days a ago?!?!?!?!?

    I always and constantly check or Parts request below pending. Did not miss it. It?s the APP.

    That Parts request was not there yesterday nor two days ago !

    My neighbor is nice. This person did not say nothing to me. Maybe to not sound demanding.

    That bug, glitch whatever is it just made me look bad.

    I pride myself as one of those people who always gift daily and actually put thought to gifting. No weird random part.

    I tailor customize gifts. I see if neighbors doing goal or not. See what build they have if any on the floor.

    Have about 4 other neighbors whom I added so we can max gift each other daily twice. Via my gift button on their neighbor list and via when we make request.

    Because of the four added for parts only. I weed out and delete any not keeping up their end. Now this bug/glitch hampers my system in doing things. What if I delete or in the past have deleted because MY request didn?t show up on their app? Because I thought it was them just being lazy and not granting my request.

    Please look into this. Maybe all that unnecessary pending list is clogging up the app and making things not work as it should.

    What?s worse I know for a fact most of my other neighbors received my part request because they granted it.

    Then I look like I just flat out ignored some of my neighbor?s part request. Because theirs (part request)did not show up at all for me. Or like in this case showed up two days later. I look like a hypocrite or a user!

    1. Pending list that remind to gift back. No neighbor should show up on it if they are deleted. Makes no sense. Gift them? They are no longer a neighbor! Useless info showing up on screen.

    2. Some neighbors Parts request do not show up for me at all ! Some show up 2 days later when it wasn?t there day before or day before that day. Yet they seem to always see mine?
    Please,please look into this.

    I?m using iOS 14.4. It?s up to date.
    I constantly check pending and Parts request to see if any. Now have to write on their wall things like ..Did you send a part request? I didn?t get a part request from you. Some might be too nice and say no when they did send a part request and say nothing.

    I play the game daily. Not a day that passes by don?t play this game.

    Big issue.

    Minor issue. Sometimes my gifts from neighbors show instantaneously and some do not show until an hour later. How do I know? Have two bakeries I run on two phones. Maybe one is iOS and other on Android. No biggie thought I?d add that as well.

    Please have devs look into the main issue! Thank You.
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    To address a couple of points you mentioned in your post:

    1. If you delete a neighbor after they sent you a gift that day, the option to 'Gift Back' should be greyed out. You should not be able to gift someone who is no longer your neighbor.

    2. If you're seeing a part request from a recently-deleted neighbor, it's possible that request was sent before you deleted them from your neighbor list (see below for more info).

    3. You can only receive a maximum of 20 gifts per day from neighbors. Similarly, you can only request a maximum of 20 parts per day from your neighbors (or 21 if you also request a part from Stormie's Store). One of the reasons you may be seeing part requests from 2 days ago, even if you didn't see them before, is if your neighbor asked more than 20 neighbors for parts. Extra requests are moved over to the next day to be fulfilled. (Again, this is only one of the reasons - it's also possible there may be a syncing or connectivity issue involved).

    Then I look like I just flat out ignored some of my neighbor?s part request. Because theirs (part request)did not show up at all for me. Or like in this case showed up two days later. I look like a hypocrite or a user!
    You're very polite to be concerned about this, but most neighbors are quite understanding Hopefully your neighbors have been respectful when this situation has occurred. However, if you have been bullied about this issue in-game, please log a ticket with Storm8 Support (link in my signature).

    I'll pass on this feedback to the devs. Thank you!
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