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Thread: Castle Story 10/21: Alucards' Castle | event information on page 1

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    will the bushes be made storable or turn to decoration??

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    That was an intense event! I love that you could get Elyse without completing the building but my confusion is?..what was the incentive to complete such a demanding upgrade? I thought surely it would have a high coin drop for all the effort put forth Like Cleos pyramid (3200-12,000) or Mushroom Tea Garden (2400+)but it appears to be the usual low end of 1400. Anyone else experiencing different coin drops or items?

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    Thank you so much, S8, for making Alucard's Castle bigger. It is a stunning building , and now you can see all the beautiful details. Many thanks!

    Now it seems smaller again. I must be losing my mind!
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