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Thread: DRAGON TALES: Fiendish Festival - 2021 Oct 15

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    My thoughts, not that anyone needs to take them to heart. I, too, have (almost) always played to complete the event. However, having Dragon Tales every other event simply takes too much food. I have 4 accounts. Only 2 really have room for more dragons at this point. Fortunately, both of them were able to breed Geist. I am not that thrilled with the Geist dragon, so if you didn't get him, you aren't really missing out. He has some herky-jerky movements and a weird body. However, breeding him allowed me to be able to play through chapter 7, where I could get the dragon with the webs on it, Entrapped. If you look at the final dragon, it looks like a recoloring of the Occult dragon, so I can live without it. And the dragon that we can use our Ocarina on is one I already have, too. So I played through Chapter 7, got 3 new dragons (Geist, Wolfish, and Entrapped), and I still have most of my food left. I know everyone's situation is different, but that is where I landed on this one. Just too much food, stress, and effort to complete the Tales anymore unless there is a dragon I am dying to have as the final prize.
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    Finally able to connect again! Took 9 days but thanks!

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