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Thread: Castle Story 9/26: The Academy (main story) | goals on page 1

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    Castle Story 9/26: The Academy (main story) | goals on page 1

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    Expansion Information
    * Link to the Expansion Nugget (with the map of our board)
    * Link to interactive map (takes you to an external link)

    Inventory Information
    The information about this story is getting huge! You'll find the inventory component on page 2 now.

    The Academy: Information about unlocking the Students

    Goal Pre-requisites & Notes:
    * You can get Academy Scrolls by completing various goals in events (unrelated to this story).
    * Once you have enough Academy Scrolls, you can choose which of the Students to unlock in the Academy. You can unlock them in any order you want to.
    * Some students come with their own separate goal associated with their awakening. They are listed separately below.
    * Not all students are released through this storyline. Others are added during unrelated events as academy scrolls are rewarded.

    * Unlimited Energy goal rewards: please note that the game needs to sync before unlimited energy is activated, so it may not be instantaneous. You may need to force close to see the energy update to 'unlimited' at the top of your screen. Once the 5 minutes is up, your original balance is restored. Like other forms of unlimited energy, do NOT collect from energy sources whilst unlimited energy is active as the game will not recognise the additional energy. (For more information about how unlimited energy works, refer to the dedicated HUB thread called Weekday Warrior)

    Here are the Students / Professors you can awaken in the Academy in the goals associated with this storyline:
    1. Petrichor, 1 hour - 1 epic scroll, 3 bottled shadow, 20 life flowers
    2. Maurice, 1 hour - 1 glowing scroll, 20 enchanter's essence, 70 benediction brew
    3. Orchidelia, 2 hours - 1 enchanted scroll, 24 dark compass, 45 benediction brew
    4. Rhea, 1 minute - 100 academy scrolls
    5. Jareth, 1 minute - 100 academy scrolls
    6. Honora, 1 minute - 100 academy scrolls
    7. Branden, 1 minute - 30 academy scrolls (released on completion of Part 3)

    Other Students / Professors you can awaken in the Academy. These characters have their own storylines.
    8. Errol, 200 academy scrolls (released in December 2019)
    9. Chase, 5 minutes - 150 academy scrolls (released in November 2020)
    10. Kelcie, 5 minutes - 150 academy scrolls (released in November 2020)
    11. Clover, 5 minutes - 200 academy scrolls (released in July 2021)
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    The Academy: A Long Forgotten Spell (Part 1)
    12 goals

    Goal Pre-requisites & Notes:
    * Available at Level 24+
    * Complete quests to welcome Academy alumni to your realm!
    * You do NOT need to expand up to the new expansions to access them. There's a known issue that we are looking at that requires a force-close for the new expansions to appear as available.
    * If you complete An Academic Challenge in 7 days (from original release) you will receive the Flight Lesson Dragon. Once this time passes, the timed component and the Flight Lesson Dragon is no longer available.
    * You can take as long as you like though to complete these goals... they are not tied to any other story (at the time of writing)
    * The Study Circle is available in the market for gem purchase. It's a terrific resource to help you gather resources for this storyline. It drops bottled shadow, enchanted scissors, life flowers (15), troll spellbook. It does not drop the dark compass.

    Complete all parts of The Academy: A Long Forgotten Spell before 10/2/19 @ 6PM PT and summon the Flight Lesson Dragon to your realm!
    Goal 1:
    * Complete all parts of The Academy: A Long Forgotten Spell 0/1
    Reward: 1000 coin, 50 xp +1 Flight Lesson Dragon
    Congratulations: Thurston: Well done, my liege!

    Ruler: Nothing going on... Maybe I should read a book.
    Goal 1:
    * Visit library 0/1 GO (skip 18 gems) | The Academy Yearbook will drop from the library
    Reward: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Ruler: Wait a minute... what's this?

    Ruler: Old Thomas will surely be able to make sense of this.
    Goal 2:
    * Visit Old Thomas's house 0/1 GO (skip 6 gems)
    Reward: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Old Thomas: Hello, young ruler! What have you there? Is that a...oh. Oh dear.

    Ruler: I know Thomas doesn't want me to look into this more, but I can't leave it alone.
    Goal 3:
    * Visit cottages 0/1 GO (skip 6 gems) | It may take a few collections to find the clue.
    * Find a clue 0/1 GO | The clue is the poster called Missing: Petrichor Penham
    Reward: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Ruler: It's another clue! It looks like an old missing person notice...and this person kind of looks like me!

    Ivy: Those directions are very strange, mysterious, and potentially dangerous. We should follow them!
    Goal 4:
    * Follow the map from the old yearbook 0/1 GO | expand to [map ref] where the statue is. Expansion requirements: 2700RP, 500,000 coins, 50 wisp lanterns, 5 expansion tickets
    * Investigate the academy grounds 0/1 GO | collect from the statue. Timer is 1 hour.
    * Make a drawing of the sinister statue 0/1 GO (skip 4 gems) | collect from the statue again. You may receive the Statue Drawing first time, or need to collect a few times.
    Reward: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Ivy: That statue makes my hair stand on end! I don't like it one bit.

    Statue dropped 600 coins

    Ivy: maybe there are old books about Thomas's old school? We might find details about that statue.
    Goal 5:
    * Visit library 0/1 G (skip 18 gems) | you will get a poster clue called Missing: Maurice Reinhardt
    Reward: 100 coins, 10 xp, + Old Scroll (also known as Epic scroll)
    Congratulations: Ivy: It's another missing persons notice, but for someone else...they were last seen at the Academy. That must be Thomas's old school.

    Ivy: A good beverage and a warm fire will certainly help me think about what all this information means!
    Goal 6:
    * Visit tavern 0/1 GO
    Reward: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Thurston: Oh hello, my liege! That's a strange looking drawing...what do those words on the bottom say?

    Clear any monsters from your board for this goal!
    Duke: Guards! Deal with this rule breaker at once!
    Goal 7:
    * Find cover in farmhouses 0/1 GO | spawns the Duke's guard. 10/10 hits to defeat.
    * Defeat Duke's guard 0/1 GO
    Reward: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Thurston: I'm really sorry I accidentally broke the curse and freed the Duke, my liege. I knew it was a bad idea to read.

    Old Thomas: Sit beside the fire and I shall tell you a tale. I have an old scroll here tat should help me remember.
    Goal 8:
    * Visit Old Thomas's house 0/1 GO (skip 6 gems)
    Reward: 100 coins, 10 xp, study circle unlocked in the market
    Congratulations: Old Thomas: It began so many years ago...this scroll is all I have left of my dear friends and companions.

    Old Thomas: We must contain the Duke. There are some things around the realm that should help us in this task.
    Goal 9:
    * Gather troll spellbook 0/1 GO (skip 25 gems) | visit the Troll Camp
    * Gather enchanted scissors 0/1 GO (skip 20 gems) | visit the sawmill. Not a guaranteed drop.
    Reward: 100 coin, 10 xp, benediction brew unlocked
    Congratulations: Old Thomas: It has been a long time that the Academy has been sitting dormant and abandoned. The time has come to return that school to its former glory.

    Ivy: The key to stopping the Duke is freeing those students. I have spells I think might help us, but I need things.
    Goal 10:
    * Gather bottled shadows 0/3 GO (skip 132 gems) | defeat fangbeasts
    * Gather life flowers 0/65 GO (skip 130 gems) | clear Aspen trees ONLY
    * Gather mermaid scales 0/5 GO | will autocomplete if you have this many
    * Prepare the benediction brew 0/1 GO | Potion Shop, 2 hours - 3 bottled shadows, 65 life flowers, 5 mermaid scales
    Reward: 100 coin, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Ivy: We've got it now!

    Ivy: We can't go to that Academy without the right spells and magical tools... but I have to say, I'm so excited!
    Goal 11:
    * Give troll spellbook 0/22 GIVE (skip 550 gems)
    * Give enchanted scissors 0/18 GIVE (skip 360 gems)
    * Give benediction brew 0/13 GO (skip 910 gems)
    * Find the Academy 0/1 GO | Expansion requirements: 2700RP, 500,000 coins, 50 wisp lanterns, 5 expansion tickets
    Reward: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Ivy: I always wanted to visit the Academy, but it was long gone by the time I was old enough to learn... Now's my chance!

    Old Thomas: Dear Petrichor was a close friend of mine... Let us try to awaken her now. The scroll please ruler!
    Goal 12:
    * Obtain an epic scroll 0/1 GO | will autocomplete as this is the Old Scroll from an earlier goal.
    * Gather bottled shadow 0/3 GO | will autocomplete if you have 3 in inventory
    * Gather life flowers 0/20 GO | will autocomplete if you have 20 in inventory
    * Awaken Petrichor 0/1 GO | The Academy, 1 hour - 1 epic scroll, 3 bottled shadow, 20 life flowers
    Reward: 1000 coins, 50 xp, + Petrichor (kingdom citizen)
    Congratulations: Petrichor: Whoa! Where am I? What happened to me? Who are you?!

    End of Part 1.

    Part 2 will begin immediately. It is UNTIMED.

    Part 1 Dialogue:
    Spoiler: show

    Goal 1:
    Ruler: It's quiet in the real...maybe too quiet. It's been a really long time since I've had some down time like this. I should find something to do with my time before the next big thing happens.

    Goal 2:
    Ruler: This is a book of faces...there are so many! They're students...separated into year, filling these pages. This is amazing! How did this even get here? I wonder if this book has anything to do with how *I* got here... I've got to show this to Thomas right now!

    Goal 3:
    Old Thomas: Do not worry about that, young ruler. 'Tis but an old book.
    Ruler: I've never known you to be one to ignore an old book, Thomas.
    Old Thomas: Oh, I have spent many a night pouring over those pages... There is only sadness and sorrow contained in that tome. And there is nothing that can be done about it, either. I would not worry your busy mind with that old tragedy. There are other things about the realm that are of far more importance.
    Ruler: Are you all right Thomas? You seem very upset by this book.
    Old Thomas: I am all right, young ruler, thanks for your kindness... Just a very old man, who was once a goat, with a dark and tragic history.
    Ruler: Well, something has really got him down.

    Goal 4:
    Ruler: Ivy, can I talk to you real quick?
    Ivy: of course, anytime at all! What's going on?
    Ruler: I found this strange book and this old flyer...I asked Thomas about them and he wouldn't tell me anything about them. And it seemed to make him really, really sad...
    Ivy: Can I see the book?
    Ruler: Sure, it's right here.
    Ivy: Mhmm...this is just as I thought. This is Thomas's old schoolbook.
    Ruler: This book belongs to Thomas?
    Ivy: It's got his name in the cover, right next to this little map! There are directions here too.
    Ruler: What do they say? Where do they lead?

    Goal 5:
    Ivy: Maybe Old Thomas is right... Something is not right about that statue. Its eyes seem to follow makes me feel so uncomfortable!
    Ruler: That man looks so sinister... I wonder who he is.
    Ivy: There's some text written down here at the base of the statue.
    Ruler: There's a symbol beside looks like the crest from the old Academy.
    Ivy: I've never seen this kind of writing before...but I bet it's a spell.
    Ruler: Be careful, Ivy. We don't know what kind of spell it might be.
    Ivy: Your'e right, of course. It's best to leave it alone...
    Ruler: We should try and find more about this man if we can. There might be more information about these words in the Library.
    Ivy: I made a drawing of the statue so we can look into it more without having to deal with how creepy the statue's stare is.
    Ruler: Good idea. Let's go back to the Library. I'm sure we'll be able to find out more about this statue there.

    Goal 6:
    Ivy: I feel like I've seen that missing person before...
    Ruler: I have too Ivy. They're in that old yearbook we found! These missing people...they are students from the old Academy! I think something terrible wrong happened to that old school, Ivy. Thomas didn't want to talk about it, but I don't think I can leave this alone now.
    Ivy: Definitely not! We've got to help find these missing people.
    Ruler: It might be painful for Thomas to have to deal with what's happened. But if he won't tell us anything, we've got to try and figure it out on our own.
    Ivy: Agreed. Let's take these old academy books to the Tavern. We can sit at a table there and try to figure this whole mess out.

    Goal 7:
    Ruler: Thurston, you shouldn't have read that! We don't know what it means.
    Thurston: I don't mean to insult your artistry, my liege but this drawing makes me uncomfortable!
    Duke: As it should! I fear you've been comfortable here for far too long.
    Ruler: Who are you? What are you doing here?
    Duke: I should be asking you the same question! Though, I do suppose I owe you a small token of my thanks. Your foolish knight spoke the words on my statue. You broke the spell! Because I am so very kind and benevolent, I plan to thank you by controlling my realm again and enforcing my set of rules.
    Ruler: Your realm? Are you going to tell us who you are?
    Duke: Silence, child. I am the one who'll be asking the questions around here.
    Ruler: You're not going to tell us what to do. I'm the ruler of this realm!
    Duke: you?! the ruler? Pahahaha! You will never be able to stand up to my disciples and me. I may be able to thank you and your small-minded guard for finding my statue and breaking the crust held upon me but I will now be returning to rule this realm with an iron fist. You can join with me, if you wish...or you can stand in my way. I must warn you...the circumstances shall be dire if you cross me. Have caution, child. I'm not the one to be made a fool of.

    Goal 8:
    Old Thomas: Young ruler, please tell me ou are not telling the truth. Has the Duke really been awoken? Is he here again, in this realm?
    Ruler: It's true, Thomas and it's my fault. I should have listened to you when you told me not to meddle with this.
    Old Thomas: No, young ruler, the fault is mine. I should have been truthful with you when you first asked. The true story about Duke and the Academy *is* one of sadness and sorrow...but some things must be confronted, and I put this off for far too long. Come back with me inside my house and I shall tell you the true story... The real truth of the Duke and the Academy. Perhaps this is part of your purpose arriving in our realm. Maybe you will be the one to help right this, after all these years.

    Goal 9:
    Old Thomas: This tale took place a long time ago, when I was just a lad... I was interested in magic from a very young age, as I am sure you can imagine. The Academy was a storied institution. It was the place to go if you wanted to learn about the magic arts. There were all kinds of different disciplines to choose from to learn. I met some of my best friends I have ever had... Oh the times we had! Learning and practicing together. It was such fun. I shall never forget those times...but not all good and magical things can last. As I neared by graduation date, things began to change around the school. The power contained within that school did not need a headmaster. It was a communal place of sharing and learning. But then the Duke showed up, demanding to be in control. There was an epic showdown, with losses on both sides. A small group of us were able to contain Duke, but not before he has cursed many of my fellows to stone. We tried to undo the curse but we could not, and the other students were lost to stone and time. Perhaps now we will be able to find a way to free the others yet.
    Ruler: We have to help if we can, Thomas.
    Old Thomas: The Duke is a villainous man and he will fight us endlessly but I can take some comfort in the fact we will face him together.

    Goal 10:
    Ruler: How did you originally contain Due within that statue? Maybe that can help us figure out how to stop him now.
    Old Thomas: My friends and I each had our own interests and classes at the Academy but everything we learned all dwelle within the realm of magic. Once Duke settled in to his reign of terror, by friends and I began to conspire. Surely we could find some way to stop him. But his magic powers were stronger than either my friends or I were. Together, we managed to perform a powerful spell that held him in stone. But it was not without great loss on our side... Duke's final farewell act was to take as many of the students as he could with him. A group of us were able to stop him with a spell, but... That terrible stone fate befell many students that day.
    Ruler: Oh Thomas, that's just awful. Are they still there? What happened?
    Old Thomas: My classmates are all stone, frozen in time in the remains of the Academy. I tried for many years to free them, with no success. But perhaps this is one of Duke's many wrongs that we can right.

    Goal 11:
    Ruler: Did you ever try going back to save your old classmates, Thomas?
    Old Thomas: Many times, dear ruler, many times. The survivors of tat terrible event and I worked for years to try and free our friends but we have had no luck. The terrible spell Duke placed was absolute.
    Ruler: Isn't there anything else we could try? There's got to be some other spel or magic to help your friends.
    Old Thomas: There is one that might we tried many years ago. It had been our closest attempt to undo what Duke has done. But we feared accidentally releasing him from his stone prison. Now that he is loose, we need not fear that outcome.
    Ruler: Can you lead us to the Academy, Thomas?
    Old Thomas: Yes, but we must be careful so we do not call any attention.
    Ruler: With you, Ivy, and Thurston's best men, I'm sure we can't fail.
    Old Thomas: I certainly hope so, Ruler. Follow me!

    Goal 12:
    Ruler: Thomas...there are statues of people all ove this place!
    Old Thomas: The Academy inhabitants were all frozen by Duke that day. Some were trying to stop him but most were simply minding their own business. We tried so long to free them all, but it was no use.
    Ruler: We can do something about it now, Thomas. The Duke is clearly a monster having done all this... We'll start by freeing these students, then we'll work on taking him down.
    Old Thomas: Do you still have that scroll I gave you, young ruler?
    Ruler: I do, right here!
    Ivy: And I've got the spells, Thomas!
    Old Thomas: Then it is time to begin righting Duke's wrong and freeing these people. Let us start with this statue right here... I remember this one well.

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    The Academy: Duke's Revenge (Part 2)
    9 goals

    Goal Pre-requisites & Notes:
    * Available at Level 24+
    * Must have completed The Academy: A Long Forgotten Spell (Part 1)
    * The rest of these goals release the other trapped students who are kingdom citizens (store through the Town Square)

    Ivy: I promise, I won't serve her any of my recipes that have Skunkupine ingredients!
    Goal 1:
    * Give Petrichor hearty feast 0/5 GIVE (skip 180 gems)
    Reward: 100 coin, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Petrichor: I feel a lot better. Thanks for the feast!

    Ivy: Lead the way! We're looking for a really old book, and probably not one of the ones in the library.
    Goal 2:
    * Visit cottages 0/1 GO | not all cottages work to complete this goal. Use a 'normal' cottage or dainty cottage to complete this goal.
    Reward: 100 coin, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Duke: Looking for this? I'm afraid your precious book has been completely destroyed and its pages thrown into the wind! How dreadful for you.

    Petrichor: We have to go to tell Thomas about this at once.
    Goal 3:
    * Visit Old Thomas's house 0/1 GO
    Reward: 100 coin, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Old Thomas: Interesting... If I know anything about Duke, it is that he should not be trusted. There is more to this story.

    Petrichor: Duke likely didn't fully destroy that book... if we can find piece of it, we'll be able to shut him down.
    Goal 4:
    * Gather troll spellbooks 0/50 GO (skip 1250 gems)
    * Gather dark compasses 0/25 GO (skip 375 gems)
    * Gather bottled shadows 0/25 GO (skip 1100 gems)
    * Gather life flowers 0/80 GO (skip 160 gems)
    Reward: 10 coin, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Thurston: We should seek out this villian where he resides. My men are ready, my liege!

    Old Thomas: Duke enjoys skulking about not far from the Academy grounds. Follow me, I shall show you.
    Goal 5:
    * Expand to Duke's Lair 0/1 GO | Expansion requirements (these are the items you collected in goal 4):
    Use 50 troll spellbooks 0/50 GIVE (skip 1250 gems)
    Use 25 dark compass 0/25 GIVE (skip 375 gems)
    Use 25 bottled shadows 0/25 GIVE (skip 1100 gems)
    Use 80 life flowers 0/50 GIVE (skip 160 gems)
    Reward: 100 coin, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Ivy: That house is definitely haunted. It makes my skin crawl just to look at it!
    Note: If the yellow arrows on the expansion plot do not appear, force close your game and then they will.

    Thurston: We've got to be very quiet, my liege. A secret mission of this magnitude requires silence!
    Goal 6:
    * Visit Duke's Lair 0/1 GO | Once you expand, the Lair becomes available. You need to wait for the Lair to be ready. It has a 22 hour collection timer.
    * Find a spellbook page 0/1 GO (skip 5 gems) | the Torn Spellbook Page is not a guaranteed drop. It may take several days to find it. Once you do, the reward screen will appear.
    Reward: 100 coin, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Thurston: ACHOO! Oops!

    Clear any monsters from your board for this goal!
    Duke's Guard: RRRAAAAHHHHH!
    Goal 7:
    * Retreat to the farmhouses 0/1 GO
    * Defeat Duke's guard 0/1 GO | 30/30 hits to defeat | The Guard will drop the Glowing Scroll.
    Reward: 100 coin, 10 xp, +1 destroyed spellbook
    Congratulations: Old Thomas: We have survived another attack. Your prowess at battle is incredible, young ruler.

    Thurston: The Workshop should have the tools you need, my liege! My knights and I will keep you undisturbed.
    Goal 8:
    * Repair the spellbook 0/1 GO (skip 150 gems) | Workshop, 2 hours - 1 destroyed spellbook, 5 torn spellbook pages, 26 dark compass
    Reward: 100 coin, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Petrichor: This book isn't quite fixed up yet. I think we should try to free another of my classmates before we go any further.

    Ivy: I'm getting pretty good at this spell now! I just need a few more bits and pieces.
    Goal 9:
    * Obtain an epic scroll 0/1 GO | will autocomplete as this was rewarded from an earlier goal
    * Prepare enchanter's essence 0/20 | will autcomplete if you have 20 in inventory
    * Prepare benediction brews 0/70 | ones already prepared will count toward this goal
    * Awaken Maurice 0/1 GO | The Academy, 1 hour - 1 glowing scroll, 20 enchanter's essence, 70 benediction brews
    Reward: 1000 coin, 50 xp, Orbicularis potion unlocked for goal 1, part 3
    Congratulations: Maurice: Huh? Where am I? Who are you?

    Part 2 Dialogue:
    Spoiler: show

    Goal 1:
    Petrichor: Where am I? What's going on? Who are you?
    Old Thomas: Petrichor, be calm. You are all right and safe with friends. Remember me? It is Thomas, your old classmate.
    Petrichor: You're not Thomas, you're an old man! I just saw you an hour ago, during the study circle... We were working on equations for th eperfect wand formation...
    Old Thomas: Yes and I had just disagreed with you regarding Phoenix cores.
    Petrichor: Oh... it really is you then, Thomas...
    Old Thomas: I am afraid so... I have aged quite a bit, as you can see.
    Petrichor: How long was I under that spell?
    Old Thomas: A very, very long time. It feels like eons now.
    Petrichor: Duke did this... I knew he would be coming for us! I tried to stop him... I faced him as he was coming in to the Academy. But that's the last thing I remember before you all woke me up. Did you manage to free everyone?
    Old Thomas: Not yet, Petrichor, but we will not rest until we do.
    Ruler: We've got a big problem now. The Duke is awake too.
    Petrichor: No! Say it isn't so! We are all in grave danger. The Duke won't rest until he's destroyed everything good in the Academy. I... I remember I had just found the spell I'd needed to stop him. I stole the spellbook. I'm the reason everyone was turned to stone.
    Ruler: It's no ones's fault but that terrible Duke, and we're going to stop him. Can you help us?
    Petrichor: I don't know... I still feel a little strange from being in stone for so long. The circumstances of what happened before the spell are still a little hazy.
    Ruler: I think you might need to come recover in our realm for a bit. You can get comfortable without a curse for a while. And then when you're feeling better, we'll try again.
    Petrichor: I am a bit hungry.
    Ivy: I've got just the thing.

    Goal 2:
    Petrichor: It wa sme who set the Duke off that day, Thomas. I took a book from the Academy's library... From the section Duke said we weren't to go in.
    Old Thomas: How did you get in there? He had locked up so many of the books!
    Petrichor: I had a spell, of course!
    Ivy: Will you teach me it later? Please?
    Petrichor: Of course, Ivy! I hope that the teaching and learning can resume once the Duke is gone.
    Ruler: For now, we need to find that book! You said it has the spell to stop Duke. That's the key. Do you remember what you did with that book?
    Petrichor: I ran from the Academy as soon as I got the book and I went to the local town and hid it. The details are a little faint, but I think if we search around we should find it!
    Ivy: Don't worry Petrichor! The ruler here is very good at finding things around the realm.
    Ruler: Thanks, Ivy. Let's see if we can find that book!

    Goal 3:
    Duke: I see you've woken up one of my problematic children...
    Petrichor: I'd say it's a pleasure to see yo again Duke, but I don't want to lie.
    Duke: Your little trick with that spellbook won't work again. I have destroyed that old worthless tome. You may have been able to stop me once, but the book you used is gone. The book I wield now is ten times as powerful. How dreadful for you. I hope this serves as a reminder: I am aware of everthing that goes on in my realm. I am in control of everything that happens in the realm. Cross me again and I'll be much less kind about it. Now, do about your business and leave the realm-ruling to the adults.

    Goal 4:
    Old Thomas: Duke may be evil, but he is surely an intelligent man. He would not have completely gotten rid of that book. I am sure of it!
    Ruler: I think you're right, Thomas. That book was the key to bringing him down.
    Petrichor: There was a spell inside of it that would completely neutralize Duke. He must have known when I'd stolen it, and it's why he froze everyone. He wouldnt' want anyone else to get a hold of it at any cost.
    Ruler: We've seen enough pieces of the book to know it's been damaged. Did he use pieces of the old book to make his new spellbook?
    Petrichor: If he's telling the truth about his new book, he's going to be unstoppable.
    Ruler: So we have to stop him before he is able.

    Goal 5:
    Ruler: Does Duke live in the Academy, Thomas?
    Old Thomas: Oh ni, certainly not. The Academy is not that type of school. There are places to stay for those who are truly in need. But students and faculty typically stay elsewhere.
    Ruler: Duke says he's got a new spellbook, and one that's more powerful than ever. He must have used pieces of the old spellbook. Where would he go to work o these books in secret?
    Old Thomas: If Duke has secrets left, he will take them back to his home.
    Ruler: Can you take us there, Thomas? It might be good to have a look about.
    Old Thomas: I can lead the way, but we must act in secret under the cover of darkness!
    Ruler: Ready your knights, Thurston. We're going on a secret mission.
    Thurston: Huzzah!

    Goal 6:
    Ivy: I don't like the looks of that building at all.
    Petrichor: There are likely dard spells that defend the perimeter. If you're going to try and get in there, you'll need to be very sneaky.
    Ruler: It would have to be a secret mission.
    Petrichor: We'd need a team of expert spies to creep into that building.
    Ruler: I think I know just the knights to lead the way.

    Goal 7:
    Duke's Guard: INTRUDERS!
    Ruler: Run! Everyone, run!
    Duke: Seize them, guards!

    Goal 8:
    Thurston: I am so sorry for my loud noise, my liege. Truly I have failed you as a secret agent.
    Ruler: It's all right, Thurston! You helped make sure we all got out safely. Plus, look what I managed to find on our way out.
    Petrichor: Those are pages from the spellbook! He did keep pieces of the book, that old liar.
    Old Thomas: I knew it!
    Ruler: We should try to find as many pieces of the book as we can.
    Old Thomas: Wise idea, young ruler. We have to do everything in our power to stop him, and if he has a spell book, we'll need one of our own.

    Goal 9:
    Petrichor: There are so many different types of people who go to the Academy. With how strong Duke's guards are, we'll need someone strong to help.
    Ruler: I think the knights could use some help, especially from someone who's faced Duke before.
    Petrichor: I know just the student who can help us next. Do you think you can help awaken him?
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    The Academy: The Triumph of the Students (Part 3)
    15 goals

    Goal Pre-requisites & Notes:
    * Available at Level 24+
    * Must have completed The Academy: A Long Forgotten Spell (Part 2)
    * Skip values - Benediction brews: 70 gems | Enchanted scissors: 20 gems | Troll spellbooks: 25 gems | Dark compass: 15 gems | Bottled shadow: 44 gems
    * The benediction brew will leave the potion shop after goal 9 and will return in goal 15.

    Ivy: I'll make this for Maurice, but this recipe could do with a little Skunkupine essence if you ask me.
    Goal 1:
    * Make Orbicularis potion 0/1 GO (skip 30 gems) | Kitchen, 1.5 hours - 50 milk, 60 fish, 60 strawberries
    (the craft says 2 hours, but it's only 1.5 once you start the craft)
    * Give Maurice the Orbicularis potion 0/1 GIVE (skip 30 gems)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Maurice: Ahhhh! That's exactly like I remember we used to make onthe Oliphaunt lifting team. It really makes me feel better. Thanks!

    Ivy: I could always use a study buddy! I dreamed about studying at the Academy when I was young.
    Goal 2:
    * Spar with Gemma and Maurice 0/1 GO (skip 200 gems) | Castle adventure, 4 hours - 25 longsword, 25 light armor, 15 hearty feast | sending off the adventure completes this part
    * Research with Ivy and Petrichor 0/1 GO (skip 210 gems) | Potion Shop, 2 hours - 25 troll spellbook, 25 dark compass, 15 enchanters' essence
    Note: once you send off the adventure and begin the craft, this goal completes and goal 3 is triggered. The cryptograph in goal 3 is the reward for completing the craft in the potion shop in this goal.
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Petrichor: While Maurice was rough-housing with Gemma, Ivy and I found a clue! Look at this strange thing. It's got to hold a secret.

    Petrichor: Thomas was always good at Orchidelia's puzzles. This looks like her work -- let's take it to him.
    Goal 3:
    * Give Thomas the cryptograph 0/1 GIVE (skip 150 gems) | once you have the cryptograph from the craft in goal 2, you have to click on the give button as it doesn't automatically complete once the craft is collected
    * Gather life flowers 0/10 GIVE (skip 20 gems) | click on the give button to complete this goal
    * Gather bottled shadows 0/5 GIVE (skip 220 gems) | click on the give button to complete this goal
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Old Thomas: I have seen a puzzle like this before... a long, long time ago, back in my Academy days! Fortunate for us, I remember how this works.

    Ivy: Wait a moment! If you're going to try and break another curse, we'll need some things first.
    Goal 4:
    * Gather Troll Spellbooks 0/65 GO (skip 1625 gems)
    * Gather Dark Compasses 0/35 GO (skip 525 gems)
    * Gather Bottled Shadows 0/35 GO (skip 1540 gems)
    * Gather Life Flowers 0/90 GO (skip 180 gems)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Ivy: I've got everything I need now. Lead the way, ruler!

    Thurston: The map we've got is really excellently drawn, my liege. Following this will be no problem at all.
    Goal 5:
    * Find the abandoned Fountain 0/1 GO | Expansion requirements:
    Use 65 troll spellbooks 0/65 GIVE (skip 1625 gems)
    Use 35 dark compass 0/35 GIVE (skip 525 gems)
    Use 35 bottled shadows 0/35 GIVE (skip 1540 gems)
    Use 90 life flowers 0/90 GIVE (skip 180 gems)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Maurice: Here we are... did it get colder as we got closer to this fountain?

    Ivy: Let me take a look at ths fountain... there's definitely a curse here, but there might be a way around it.
    Goal 6:
    * Gather troll spellbooks 0/55 GO (skip 1375 gems)
    * Gather enchanted scissors 0/60 (skip 1200 gems)
    * Prepare benediction brews 0/50 (skip 3500 gems)
    * Break the curse on the Fountain 0/1 GO
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Ivy: I knew it! I've never met a curse that didn't have at least a little wiggle room.
    Note: Once you open the expansion plot, the Fountain is available. It is 1x1 and has a 10 minute timer on it while you gather the items in this goal to upgrade the fountain. Once upgraded the timer changes to 5 hours. Drops recorded in inventory section below.
    Level 1: +25 coins / 10 minutes
    Level 2: 55 troll spellbook, 60 enchanted scissors, 50 benediction brew | +200 coins / 5 hours

    Ivy: Could it really be as simple as looking intothe stone fountain's waters?
    Goal 7:
    * Look into the Stone Fountain's waters 0/1 GO | the fountain has a wait time of 5 hours. It becomes colourful now it's unlocked, but not animated
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Duke's Guard: RARRRH! WHO GOES THERE! DUKE SAYS NO!

    Clear any monsters from your board for this goal!
    Duke's Guard: DUKE SAYS NO!
    Goal 8:
    * Defeat the Golem Guard 0/1 GO | collect from the Fountain to spawn the guard. 60/60 hits to defeat
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp, +1 enchanted scroll
    Congratulations: Thurston: The foe is vanquished now! Maurice was of great help to us in the fight.

    Ivy: Petrichor and I will be able to break the curse for Orchidelia now!
    Goal 9:
    * Obtain an epic scroll 0/1 GO
    * Gather dark compasses 0/24
    * Prepare benediction brews 0/45
    * Awaken Orchidelia 0/1 GO | The Academy, 1.5 hours - 1 enchanted (epic) scroll, 24 dark compass, 45 benediction brews (says 2 hours on the crafting screen, but when you start the craft it's only 1.5 hours and 6 gems to speed up.)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp, +1 ripped Spellbook page, bookslayer sword unlocked
    Congratulations: Orchidelia: Did I doze off? Sorry everyone... Where are we?

    Ivy: This is the last page we need! This spell book will be back together in no time!
    Goal 10:
    * Repair the spellbook 0/1 GO (skip 170 gems) | Workshop, 2 hours - 1 repaired spellbook, 1 ripped spellbook page, 20 bottled shadow
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp, Activated Spellbook
    Congratulations: Ivy: Look at the book glow! It's incredible!

    Goal 11:
    * Visit farmhouse 0/1
    * Defeat the Golem Guard 0/1 GO | 90/90 hits to defeat
    * Forge the bookslayer sword 0/1 GO (skip 50 gems) | Magic Forge, 1 hour - 85 iron ore, 60 silver, 15 enchanter's essence
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Branden: Where... where am I? What's happened to me?

    Thurston: Oh, oh my liege please let me lead! I've had an Allergy Brew so I should be more quiet this time!
    Goal 12:
    * Creep into Duke's Lair 0/1 GO | visit the Lair
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Thurston: Secret mission accomplished, my liege! Branden's instructions were spot on!

    Maurice: Let me be the one to swing the sword please, my liege. I need to end this for us all.
    Goal 13:
    * Give Maurice the bookslayer sword 0/1 GIVE (skip 50 gems)
    * Give Maurice the repaired spellbook 0/1 GIVE (skip 170 gems)
    * Give Maurice bottled shadow 0/30 GIVE (skip 1320 gems)
    * Destroy Duke's spellbook 0/1 GO | Castle adventure called Destroy the Spellbook, 5 minutes - 1 jewels | The Duke will spawn when the adventure is ready for collection, so make sure you've cleared your board otherwise you will need to do the adventure again.
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Duke: What are you doing? Stop this at once!

    Clear any monsters from your board for this goal!
    Duke: Face me and perish!
    Goal 14:
    * Defeat Duke 0/1 GO | 300/300 hits to defeat - he spawns from collecting from the Adventure (Destroy the Spellbook) in goal 13.
    * Wield the Stone Sword 0/1 GO (skip 300 gems)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp, +1 cracked book (golden broken spellbook)
    Congratulations: Duke: NO! My powers... But you're just a child! How could this be?

    Orchidelia: Swing your sword high, ruler, and rend that book!
    Goal 15:
    * Destroy Duke's spellbook 0/1 GO | Castle adventure, 1 hour - 1 cracked book, 1 stone sword, 50 benediction brews
    Rewards: 1000 coins, 50 xp, +30 academy scrolls
    Congratulations: Duke: You've robbed me of my Academy and my powers. What do you expect me to do now?

    Once you complete the adventure, the following dialogue is triggered. There isn't a goal but you do get another Congratulations screen from Petrichor, then the goal to welcome Branden appears.

    Goal: Awakening the Academy
    Branden: I'm not sure the Duke is gone for good, Ruler.
    Ruler: That's ok, Branden. We'll be fighting him at ever step of the way. Who knows, we might even be able to get him to come around to our side. We'll face any villain that might approach - as long as we face them together. We've done it before, we can do it again.
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Oh, you awoke them! I missed them so! Well done!

    Branden: The Duke will surely be lurking around this realm for a little bit Is it alright if I lurk too?
    Goal: Welcome Branden
    * Welcome Branden | Summon the Duke's Guard: The Academy, 1 minute - 30 academy scrolls
    Rewards: none
    Congratulations: Branden: I am so glad to be free again. Thanks, Ruler.
    Note: Branden will go straight to your kingdom and begin walking around.

    Part 3 Dialogue:
    Spoiler: show

    Goal 1:
    Maurice: Petrichor! You're all right!
    Petrichor: This kind ruler and his friends woke me up not long ago.
    Ruler: We're going to help all of the Academy students who are frozen in there! You're the second student for whom we've been able to break the curse.
    Maurice: Thomas? Is that you under all that grey hair?
    Thomas: I'm afraid you have been under a spell for quite some time.
    Ruler: But you're awake now and you're going to help us get the others woken up too!
    Maurice: I'm not sure I'll really be that much help... I've been out of practice for so long. Being stuck in stone really made me feel stiff. Do you know anyone who can make potions? I'd love an Orbicularis Potion, if you think you can follow the recipe.
    Ruler: I know just the person.

    Goal 2:
    Maurice: I feel a lot better now... Thanks for that brew! I feel much more limber and ready to practice again! Do you have anyone who might want to spar a bit with me?
    Gemma: Ooo! Ooo! I can help him, my liege!
    Ruler: Gemma, you would be perfect to help Maurice out.
    Gemma: Come on, Maurice! Let me grab my wooden sword. Can I call you Mo?
    Petrichor: Isn't there anything I can do to help out too, Ruler? I'm not interested in fighting or anything, but I can help study! I've always been good at studying.
    Ivy: Excuse me, but can I interrupt? I don't mean to eavesdrop...
    Ruler: Go right ahead, Ivy.

    Goal 3:
    Petrichor: Ivy and I were searching through books in the Academy when we found this! It was hidden away in a secret compartment in a fake book. Someone hid this one really well. Ivy's the one who spotted the Academy symbol on the backbone of the book.
    Ivy: Without your help, I'd never have even looked in that section of the Library.
    Ruler: It's really great to have both of you helping us out. Now what do we do with this thing?
    Ivy: Not a clue.
    Petrichor: I have no idea. But I think I know which student would have left this clue behind...
    Ruler: I think maybe it's time to return to the Academy.

    Goal 4:
    Old Thomas: And as you can see, with that final twist... the puzzle is complete and the hidden secret is revealed!
    Ruler: A secret compartment!
    Old Thomas: Look what is inside, young ruler!
    Ruler: It's a small parchment! There's a small map drawn on it... that looks like the Academy... and there's a fountain drawn beside it.
    Old Thomas: I recognize this kind of puzzle work. We are in luck. The person who left his clue behind is very clever. She is someone we went to school with a long time ago.
    Petrichor: For you, it's been a long time. For those of us who have been in stone, it feels as if no time has passed at all. We have to free all of those people who are still stuck.
    Ruler: We will, Petrichor. Let's follow this clue first.

    Goal 5:
    Maurice: I'll lead the way to the old Academy grounds. I know where that old fountain is! I don't need a map.
    Thurston: My men and I will follow just behind you, Sir Maurice!
    Maurice: Just Maurice is fine, thank you... Follow along! The fountain is just this way.

    Goal 6:
    Maurice: This fountain looks like it's seen better days.
    Petrichor: This is definitely cursed. I can tell.
    Maurice: You're sure, Petrichor? The academy was abandoned for so long.
    Petrichor: I'm sure. There's more evil than just time happening here.
    Ruler: Petrichor is right... there's a reason that clue led us here. There's gotta be something we have to do to this fountain.

    Goal 7:
    Ivy: Before this curse, there was a spell of protection placed on this fountain. That's got to be Orchidelia! She's always so clever.
    Maurice: She may have saved us all. What do we do next, Ivy?
    Ivy: I'm not sure... what do you think we should do next?
    Ruler: The spell must have been protecting something, right? Let's take a look inside.

    Goal 8:
    Maurice: Watch out, Ruler! It's time for us to fight!
    Ruler: Everyone else needs to run!

    Goal 9:
    Thurston: We narrowly escaped that time, my liege. Everyone is all right and accounted for.
    Petrichor: That monster though... there is something dreadfully familiar about him. I'm not sure I can place it but I know him from somewhere.
    Maurice: He was waiting for us to break the curse of the fountain before he struck. This piece of parchment was at the bottom of the fountain, though it's not wet at all despite being under water.
    Ruler: It must be important to the Duke if he sent someone after it.
    Ivy: I know what that is! It's just what I need!

    Goal 10
    Maurice: Orchidelia! That puzzle was brilliant. Thomas had to figure it out for us.
    Orchidelia: I was hoping it wouldn't be too difficult. Imagine if I hid the key to saving everyone in a puzzle no one could solve. That would be so bad!
    Ruler: You have the key to saving everyone?
    Orchidelia: Well, it may not be the only thing we need. It's going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of resources. But I was able to take a page from his Spellbook before he froze me.
    Ruler: That's perfect! It's one of the pages we need to finish our spell book.
    Orchidelia: Then we'll have the tools we need to fight Duke. But we have to start by putting it back together! Do you know anyone skilled enough to hep out?
    Ruler: Orchidelia, there's someone you're definitely going to want to meet.

    Goal 11
    Maurice: With this spellbook fully repaired, we can take on Duke.
    Ruler: First, we need to defeat the Duke's guard once and for all.
    Petrichor: I actually have a theory about that monster. There might be something else going on with him.
    Orchidelia: Let's see if there might a spell that can help us.

    Goal 12
    Branden: One minute I was in detention and the next thing I knew... I was so angry... It all seems like a haze. What did I do that whole time?
    Petrichor: You were trapped in stone, Branden.
    Branden: I was?
    Ruler: And the Duke made you fight us for him.
    Branden: I did? I'm so sorry you guys... I didn't mean to fight you. I hope I didn't hurt anyone.
    Ruler: It's all right, Branden.
    Branden: I might be able to make it up to you, though. The Duke has a spell book he uses to control his powers... All his powers are tied into that book... He used a spell from the spellbook he destroyed to make it. The good news is, I know just were he keeps his spell book. We'll just need to secretly creep into his lair to get it.

    Goal 13
    Orchidelia: We got the book! What do we do with it?
    Maurice: We have to destroy it! It's what gives Duke his powers.
    Petrichor: Without this book around, he won't be able to terrorize anyone.
    Ruler: Let's finish this!

    Goal 14
    Duke: Did you really think I would let you try and stop me? Face me now, child! I'll show you what true power is!
    Ruler: I'm ready to take you down, for everything you've done! This is our realm and we'll defend it!

    Goal 15
    Duke: No... my powers! How could this be? You're stronger than me! This was supposed to stop you!
    Ruler: I'm the ruler of this realm! No one who threatens this realm gets away with it. We're destroying your spellbook once and for all!
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    Academy Lessons: Creature Care

    Awaken Rhea, 1 minute - 100 academy scrolls
    * Once you craft Rhea in the Academy and collect her, the following goals are triggered:

    Rhea: Take me to the animals, please! I'll feel much better about you if I can how you care for your animals.
    Goal 1:
    * Tend to animals 0/1 GO (skip 2 gems)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Rhea: I can tell you truly care for these beasts... If Petrichor trusts you , I can trust you too. I'll see what I can do to help you with the Duke.

    Rhea: It takes much care to get special items from animals. Let us see how your flock feels about you.
    Goal 2:
    * Gather prime cut 0/1 GO (skip 10 gems)
    * Give Rhea prime cut 0/1 GIVE (skip 10 gems) | if you're maxed on any of these items in this goal, give the item first and then you'll be able to collect on.
    * Gather truffles 0/1 GO (skip 5 gems)
    * Give Rhea truffles 0/1 GIVE (skip 5 gems)
    * Find a golden egg 0/1 GO (skip 80 gems)
    * Give Rhea a golden egg 0/1 GIVE (80 gems)
    Rewards: 500 coins, 20 xp
    Congratulations: Rhea: Those are excellent results! I'm impressed.

    Rhea: A herd is not truly a herd with only small numbers. Can you show me you have the space for everyone?
    Goal 3:
    * Upgrade a farmhouse 0/1 GO (skip 80 gems)
    Rewards: 1000 coins, 30 xp, +5 minutes unlimited energy
    Congratulations: Rhea: You've passed my tests. Take this from me as a token of my gratitude for awakening me -- and good luck for awakening more.

    Dialogue - Rhea:
    Spoiler: show

    Goal 1:
    Rhea: How now! What's going on here? Was I asleep? I'm awake now... and feeling rather stiff... where has the time gotten to? There was a commotion and then nothing... How long was I asleep?
    Petrichor: A very, very long time, Madame Rhea.
    Rhea: Petrichor! My best student. It feels as if it has not been that long since I've seen you... and yet... Something terrible has happened, hasn't it?
    Petrichor: It has, but we're trying to right wrongs now.
    Ruler: We can explain more, but we need all the help we can get.
    Rhea: And who are you? Who are these strangers, Petrichor?
    Petrichor: They have been helping us, Madame Rhea! They are friends.
    Rhea: I am not so sure about that. Somehow I was frozen for years. I don't know if I can trust these people just because you say so, Petrichor. Let me see your animals.

    Goal 2:
    Rhea: You've got quite the flock of animals here! They're very well maintained and cared for. I can tell you are someone of good character, so I suppose I could stay a bit and help you.
    Ruler: Any lesson you can give us, Madame Rhea, we'll be grateful.
    Rhea: I'm glad you're an eager learner! I'm going to put that to the test.

    Goal 3:
    Rhea: Your performance has been impressive. Even my dragon babe Wellington likes you...
    Petrichor: See, Madame Rhea! I told you this one was a good student.
    Rhea: I can see why Petrichor speaks so highly of you.
    Ruler: Do you know anything about the Duke, Madame Rhea?
    Rhea: I'm afraid we did not travel much in the same circles... My world revolves around the animals, not silly magical fighting.
    Ruler: Every one of those statues we've freed is a person with a world and a story. There's a lot more of them inside that old school. Isn't there anything you can do to help us awaken more of them?
    Rhea: Hmmph.. I may not be able to do much but I can see what I can do.
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    Academy Lessons: Honorable Heroism

    Awaken Honora, 1 minute - 100 academy scrolls
    * Once you craft Honora in the Academy and collect her, the following goals are triggered:

    Honora: Can you please find a place where we can sit and talk I'm sure there is much to be explained.
    Goal 1:
    * Clear trees 0/5 GO
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Honora: Thank you for accommodating me. It is much appreciated.

    Honora: I'm not sure what became of all my records... I suspect Duke destroyed them. We must make more.
    Goal 2:
    * Gather sap 0/1 GO (skip 8 gems)
    * Give Honora sap 0/75 GIVE (skip 600 gems) | if you're maxed on sap, go this goal first, then collect another one to complete the goal above.
    * Gather living wood 0/1 GO (skip 15 gems)
    * Give Honora living wood 0/45 GIVE (skip 675 gems) | if maxed give first then collect another to complete goal above.
    Rewards: 500 coins, 20 xp
    Congratulations: Honora: This will go a long way to rebuilding my records. Thank you!

    Honora: History has its eyes on you, Ruler, I can tell. Are you up to the challenge?
    Goal 3:
    * Find a golden nugget 0/1 GO (skip 80 gems)
    * Give Honora a golden nugget 0/1 GIVE (skip 80 gems)
    Rewards: 1000 coins, 30 xp, + 5 minutes unlimited energy
    Congratulations: Honora: You really do care deeply for this realm and its people. I can see. Take this spell from me and use to fight your battles.

    Dialogue - Honora:
    Spoiler: show

    Goal 1:
    Honora: Oh! Oh my! Where am I? Who are you?
    Petrichor: Honora, it's me! Petrichor!
    Honora: Petrichor? What day is it? Have I been asleep?
    Ruler: You've been under a spell... we'll explain everything.

    Goal 2:
    Honora: That's awful, truly awful. My poor fellows doomed to a life of stone. I don't think I ever believed the Duke would be capable of such evil. Now that I have had time to sit and think, I'm ready to resume to duties.
    Ruler: Your duties? What do you mean?
    Petrichor: Honora was the Academy's registrar.
    Honora: Every good school needs a good record keeper! I kept records of all of the students and all the lessons and all the teacher.... I kept records on Duke. I should have seen this coming... I could have...
    Petrichor: Honora, it's not your fault. The Duke is the one who did this all.
    Ruler: And we're going to stop him.
    Honora: That gives me hope. There may not be much I can do to help, but I'd like to see if I can. I need to start by rebuilding my records.

    Goal 3:
    Ruler: Honora, what was your time at the Academy like?
    Honora: The Academy and I have always been one... since I was a child.
    Ruler: A child?
    Honora: Yes, I'm afraid it's a very long story about how I came to be... What you need to know is that I spent all my time at the Academy observing. As much as everyone was there to learn and teach, I was there to record it all. I won't make the mistake of ignoring a warning like Duke again, however. It's time I observe you.
    Ruler: Me?
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    Academy Lessons: Perturbing Potions

    Awaken Jareth, 1 minute - 100 academy scrolls
    * Once you craft Jareth in the Academy and collect him, the following goals are triggered:

    Jareth: I feel a little shaky, like maybe I had a little too much Root Beer...
    Goal 1:
    * Give Jareth a hearty feast 0/1 GIVE (skip 86 gems)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Jareth: I feel much better! Thanks!

    Jareth: It's been so long since I've brewed a potion... I can't wait to try things out again.
    Goal 2:
    * Craft at the Potion Shop 0/5 GO (skip 75 gems) | you can craft anything you want to.
    Rewards: 500 coins, 20 xp
    Congratulations: Jareth: And with that I... oop... I think I may have made a tiny mistake...

    Jareth: These beasts are wild and unruly! How do you deal with them? I don't think I can stand the stench.
    Goal 3:
    * Defeat fangbeasts 0/5 GO (skip 100 gems)
    Rewards: 1000 coins, 30 xp, + 5 minutes unlimited energy

    Dialogue - Jareth:
    Spoiler: show

    Goal 1:
    Jareth: Stop right there, Duke! Hang on... where am I? Who are you lot? Where's the Duke? He was just here!
    Petrichor: That was eons ago, Jareth...
    Jareth: Petrichor? What are you doing here? How long have I been asleep?
    Ruler: Let's get you something to eat, Jareth. We can explain over a meal.
    Petrichor: A Hearty Feast will help you feel better.

    Goal 2:
    Ruler: Jareth, were you a professor at the Academy?
    Jareth: What?! A stodgy old professor? Me?! I'm offended you would think that of me. Do I look that old? The Academy didn't have professors like that anyway. It's not that type of school. It was more of a place for everyone to share and everyone to learn. But no, I wasn't teaching any sort of special lessons. I was learning. I'm going to be a great wizard someday... I can brew a mean potion, and I was working on my spells in the Academy and learning a lot. I saw what Duke did to Petrichor and I wasn't going to let that stand. So I stood up to him... then I was stone, I guess. I don't know. You found me. I should have paid attention more, I could have frozen him with a spell.
    Ruler: It's not your fault, Jareth. It's no one's fault but the Duke...
    Petrichor: Why don't you try brewing a potion again? Get back into practice.

    Goal 3:
    Jareth: I... I may have made a critical error.
    Ivy: Oh, I love when potions go wrong! What happened?
    Jareth: The book said it should have been a green color, but it ended up being pink. I took it outside to get rid of it and...these monsters started attacking me! I think the recipe might have enraged them.
    Thurston: Oh, no Sir Jareth, 'tis not your fault. Those are just Fangbeasts! A particularly putrid pest of the realm. The Ruler can face them handily. They are excellently skilled in battle.
    Ruler: Thanks Thurston, but it's truly a team effort. Let's show him how it's done.
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    Academy Lessons: Taking Flight

    Awaken Errol, 1 minute - 200 academy scrolls
    * Errol was added to the Academy in December 2019. He is unrelated to the main Academy goals.
    * When you awaken Errol and unlock his story, you can craft one of mighty Griffins! You only get 1 'free' eggs from this goal. Any additional eggs can be purchased for 500 gems each.
    * You can craft additional griffins (with gems) as they have MAX 4 on each craft screen.
    * Once you craft Errol in the Academy and collect him, the following goals are triggered:

    Sir Errol: There must be some way I can repay you for rescuing me, but for now, let us eat!
    Goal 1:
    * Give hearty stew to Errol 0/1 GIVE (skip 5 gems)
    * Grab a drink at the Tavern GO 0/2 (skip 25 gems)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Errol: That was delicious! Now, straight to business.

    Errol: Show me what you and your knights are made of, tiny ruler!
    Goal 2:
    * Go an any adventure with the knights 0/3 GO (skip 75 gems) | It is collecting the adventures that complete this goal. An adventure from either the king or queen keep or the barracks count. Adventures collected from the Haunted Keep do not count.
    Rewards: 500 coins, 20 xp, + 1 griffin nest
    Congratulations: Errol: You may be small, but you're definitely not afraid of adventure!

    Errol: the more glimmer, the better! A griffin egg does not come cheap, tiny one.
    Goal 3:
    * Find golden eggs 0/3 GO (skip 240 gems)
    * Give golden eggs 0/3 GIVE (skip 240 gems)
    * Find golden nuggets 0/3 GO (skip 249 gems)
    * Give golden nuggets 0/3 GIVE (skip 240 gems
    * Find golden apples 0/3 GO (skip 240 gems)
    * Give golden apples 0/3 GIVE (skip 240 gems)
    Rewards: 1000 coins, 30 xp, +1 griffin egg
    Congratulations: Errol: Ah, a worthy trade! As promised, here is an egg, waiting to be hatched. The rest is up to you now.

    Errol: You can't go wrong when it comes to these mighty beasts! Hatch yours at the Griffin Nest.
    Goal 4:
    * Obtain the griffin egg | this goal will autocomplete as the egg is the reward from the previous goal.
    * Hatch the griffin egg 0/1 HATCH | make your choice now!
    Rewards: none
    Congratulations: Errol: Wonderful choice, tiny ruler!

    Spoiler: show

    Goal 1:
    Errol: Wh...where am I? The sun is so bright, my eyes...
    Petrichor: Sir Errol. It's you!
    Errol: This tiny person is who saved me?
    Errol: Petrichor, what are you doing here young one... It is dangerous, the Duke...
    Petrichor: Oh, Sir Errol... It's been ages since the Duke cast that spell... The kind ruler here has begun to free us all.
    Ruler: Tiny?
    Errol: Well, tiny ruler, I appreciate your bravery. *grumble*... Oh, excuse me. I guess I haven't eaten in the last few decades...
    Ruler: Not to worry, Sir Errol -- let's get you something to eat!

    Goal 2:
    Errol: Petrichor may have told you this already, but I was the Academy's Griffin Master. I specialized in teaching the handling of majestic creatures of prey. The most studious can bond well with these animals. It most certainly seems that I can facilitate a bond with a griffin for you... but I will require a few things before we can begin. If you can show me you and your knights can exhibit the same bravery the mighty griffin shows in battle, you shall have one of my prize birds. Perhaps it may even take kindly to you...

    Goal 3:
    Errol: Well, you have definitely proven yourself worthy tiny one. At least, to me.
    Ruler: Who else do I need to impress?
    Errol: The most important creature of all...the mighty griffin. A griffin allowing a human to claim their egg is no small matter. We must forge this bond with gratitude and gifts.
    Ruler: Hmm, what kind of gifts?
    Errol: Much like this mischievous crow... the griffin likes shiny objects.

    Goal 4:
    Errol: Well, tiny ruler -- your bravery and dedication has impressed me, and I suspect your griffin will find you to be a fine companion. You may have your pick of any of these majestic birds. You will nee to prepare them differently to choose which griffin to hatch. No matter what you choose, you will hatch a gallant and heroic friend. I must also thank you again for rescuing me. If not for you, I would still be contained in that stone prison, away from my birds.
    Ruler: The pleasure has been all mine, I'll do whatever I can to right Duke's wrongs. Now, which of these feathery friends should I bring to the realm?

    Inventory Information for Griffin Nest, and the 3x Phoenix
    Spoiler: show

    Griffin Nest
    Info: The perfect place to hatch a griffin egg.
    limit of 1 Cannot be sold
    Cost: reward from goal (unlocking Errol in the Academy)
    Note: 3 Griffins to choose from with Errol: Phoenix, Owl and Peacock. You craft 1 for free and the others are available in the market for 500 gems each. You can purchase additional eggs for 500 gems and can craft up to 4 of each griffin.
    Size: 2x2
    What can you craft?
    1. Phoenix Griffin, 5 minutes - 500 gems each (red/orange)
    2. Owl Griffin, 5 minutes - 500 gems each (white)
    3. Peacock Griffin, 5 minutes - 500 gems each (blue/green)

    Phoenix Griffin
    Info: A mighty griffin that resembles a phoenix! Pet them for Energy.
    Crafted: Griffin Nest, 5 minutes
    Found: market, 500 gems
    Drops: 2+ energy
    Collection time: 22 hours
    Note: 3 Griffins to choose from with Errol: Phoenix, Owl and Peacock. You craft 1 for free and the others are available in the market for 500 gems each. You can purchase additional eggs for 500 gems and can craft up to 4 of each griffin.

    Owl Griffin
    Info: A mighty griffin that resembles a phoenix! Pet them for Energy.
    Crafted: Griffin Nest, 5 minutes
    Found: market, 500 gems
    Drops: 2+ energy
    Collection time: 22 hours
    Note: 3 Griffins to choose from with Errol: Phoenix, Owl and Peacock. You craft 1 for free and the others are available in the market for 500 gems each. You can purchase additional eggs for 500 gems and can craft up to 4 of each griffin.

    Peacock Griffin
    Info: A mighty griffin that resembles a phoenix! Pet them for Energy.
    Crafted: Griffin Nest, 5 minutes
    Found: market, 500 gems
    Drops: 2+ energy
    Collection time: 22 hours
    Note: 3 Griffins to choose from with Errol: Phoenix, Owl and Peacock. You craft 1 for free and the others are available in the market for 500 gems each. You can purchase additional eggs for 500 gems and can craft up to 4 of each griffin.

    Thanks to bobbyrae for these pics!
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    The Academy: Information about unlocking the Students
    These students were released in November, 2020.

    Awaken Chase: 5 minutes, 150 academy scrolls
    Awaken Kelcie: 5 minutes, 150 academy scrolls

    * Both Chase and Kelcie are kingdom citizens and once you unlock them are on your board automatically. They can be stored in the Town Square.
    * Chase, an Academy student who practices crafting. Awaken him to unlock a new storyline! This storyline will contain another new character and a new pet Alicorn.
    * Once you unlock Chase in the Academy, the following goals are triggered:

    Petrichor: It's a long tale, Chase. Grab a seat and have some stew...
    Goal 1:
    * Give Chase a hearty stew 0/1 GIVE (slip 5 gems)
    * Take Chase to the tavern 0/2 GP
    Rewards: none
    Congratulations: Chase: I'm feeling a little better now, but... we must awaken Kelcie.

    Chase: While we're looking for Kelcie, I'd like to make some things for her before she awakens. Can you help me?
    Goal 2:
    * Craft with Chase at the potion shop 0/2 GO | you can craft anything for these 3 goals; it's collecting that completes them.
    * Craft with Chase at the workshop 0/2 GO
    * Craft with Chase at the magic forge 0/2 GO
    Rewards: none
    Congratulations: Chase: These gifts are perfect, but if I know Kelcie, she'll need some food when she awakens. Can you help me make some recipes next?

    Chase: Kelcie will need food when she awakens, just like I did. Can we prepare for her now?
    Goal 3:
    * Prepare fresh simple feasts 0/3 GO | these can be made in the kitchen or if they drop from a resource will also count toward the 3 you need. Same for the other feasts below.
    * Give Chase simple feasts 0/3 GO | if you are maxed on feasts, GIVE all of the feasts first so that you don't waste any. Same for the other feasts below.
    * Prepare fresh hearty feasts 0/3 GO
    * Give Chase hearty feasts 0/3 GO
    * Prepare fresh spicy feasts 0/3 GO
    * Give Chase spicy feasts 0/3 GO
    * Prepare fresh sweet feasts 0/3 GO
    * Give sweet feasts 0/3 GO
    Rewards: + 5 minutes unlimited energy
    Congratulations: Petrichor: Ruler! We've found another statue! *You've received 5 minutes of unlimited energy!*


    Petrichor: Use Academy Scrolls to awaken Kelcie!
    Goal 4:
    * Awaken Kelcie 0/1 GO
    Rewards: Kelcie
    Congratulations: Kelcie: Who... where... What's happening? Where am I? Who are you?

    Chase: We must help Kelcie remember! If we take her to her favourite places, perhaps it will come back to her.
    Goal 5:
    * Visit the stable 0/1 GO
    * Visit the marketplace 0/1 GO
    * Visit the theater 0/1 GO
    * Visit the observatory 0/1 GO
    Rewards: none
    Congratulations: Kelcie: Oh Chase! I remember now! I remember you! You saved me!

    Chase: Idris is a noble and elegant steed. If we gather enough supplies, I am sure we can lure him home!
    Goal 6:
    * Find fresh golden apples 0/5 GO you can do these in any order. The adventure gives you Idris. If you are maxed on golden apples and one drops from a resource, you will be credited for progress.
    * Lure Idris the Academy Steed 0/1 GO | Castle adventure, 5 minutes - 10 golden apples, 5 carrots, 5 sugar
    Rewards: none
    Congratulations: Kelcie: Idris! Oh, I've missed you so!

    Chase: If there's anything we can help you do, ruler, you have two new allies in me and Kelcie!
    Goal 7: Welcome to the Realm!
    * Welcome Chase and Kelcie 0/1 GO
    Rewards: none
    Congratulations: Petrichor: Another set of Academy alumni successfully awakened! Now... who can we help next?

    Notes: Idris (alicorn) is a daily energy dropper with a 24 hour timer. Chase and Kelcie are kingdom citizens.

    Dialogue: Chase
    Spoiler: show

    Goal 1:
    Chase: Woah now... what's going on? Where am I?
    Petrichor: Chase! You're awake!
    Chase: Petrichor! The Duke! He's the one doing this all-
    Petrichor: I know, Chase. I know. You've been asleep for a long time. I tried to confront him... he attacked me and turned me to stone.
    Chase: What about Kelcie? Where is she?
    Petrichor: The Duke turned all the students and teachers to stone, Chase. Including you.
    Chase: What!? I've been stone? But where is she? Where is Kelcie?
    Petrichor: Come to the Tavern, Chase, let's sit and talk.
    Ruler: It's a long story, and you need to help build up your strength.
    Petrichor: The ruler and I can explain.

    Goal 2:
    Chase: So, you don't know where Kelcie is? How did you find me?
    Petrichor: It's been along process of locating all our classmate's statues. The Duke froze everyone where they were, making them stone in place.
    Ruler: Do you remember what happened when you were attacked?
    Chase: I.. I have tried... but I cannot. It feels as if a dark curtain was dropped on me.
    Ruler: It's all right, Chase. We'll keep looking for Kelcie. We're not going to stop until all of the Academy students are free.

    Goal 3:
    Chase: I do feel much better after having a good meal and a nap. Plus, crafting has always made me feel at ease. It's good to have been able to return to the things I love.
    Petrichor: Chase was the student in charge of the Academy's crafting club.
    Chase: Anyone who wanted to learn about crafting or creating would meet up and we would teach and learn together. It was my favourite past time. It saddens me to think of how much time has passed without our club...
    Petrichor: Me too, Chase... it's terrible to think of how much time the Duke has cost us all.
    Ruler: We're going to put an end to the Duke's destruction. The school is going to be better than ever!
    Chase: I'll do anything I can to help build things back to where they were... We've got to help free the other students... and we must find Kelcie!

    Goal 4:
    Ruler: Chase! We've found her!
    Chase: Kelcie? Where is she?
    Ruler: She was near the school's stables... Petrichor found her.
    Petrichor: You must brace yourself, however. She is still frozen in stone. We need scrolls to be able to awaken her!

    Goal 5:
    Chase: Kelcie, it's me - Chase! Don't you remember?
    Kelcie: I'm sorry... I don't even know where I am...
    Chase: What do you last remember?
    Kelcie: I... I don't remember anything. Just cold darkness until you woke me up!
    Petrichor: Kelcie, my name is Petrichor... I was one of your classmates. Do you remember me?
    Kelcie: No... I can't remember anything. I don't know where I was or who I am! What's happened to me?
    Chase: Oh, Kelcie... We are here to help you, don't worry.

    Goal 6:
    Kelcie: I'm so sorry, I can't believe I had forgotten you Chase!
    Chase: Oh Kelcie, it's not your fault! The Due did this to us...
    Ruler: He's hurt you all... but we're going to put a stop to him, don't you worry.
    Kelcie: There is one thing that is still missing for me.
    Ruler: What is it, Kelcie?
    Kelcie: It's my beloved steed, Idris... He wasn't at the stables. I can only hope that he ran after I was attacked by the Duke.
    Ruler: It's been a very long time since you were frozen, Kelcie...
    Petrichor: The ruler is right... You should see how Thomas looks now!
    Kelcie: That may be true, but the lifespan of an alicorn is much longer than ours! He may still be out there... we just need to lure him to his home!

    Goal 7:
    Kelcie: It feels so very good to be awakened again... and reunited with you all! Chase, you are my true love. You made sure I had everything I needed!
    Chase: It wasn't just me... Petrichor and the others have been working hard to fix things.
    Petrichor: It was really the kind ruler who started everything! He woke me up first!
    Kelcie: I suppose we should all be thanking you, ruler!
    Ruler: You can all thank me by helping to rebuild the Academy. We're going to take things back from the Duke's evil claws.
    Chase: I believe that is a cause we are willing to join!
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    The Academy: Herbology for Beginners (complete)
    9 goals
    The Professor was released in July 2021
    Special thanks to MacieQueen, stormyskater, Sylvan Sanctuary for providing goal information to the community

    Awaken Professor Clover: 5 minutes, 200 academy scrolls
    * Once you unlock the Professor in the Academy, the following goals are triggered:

    Petrichor: Flowers and a feast! There isn't much that's better to wake up to.
    Goal 1:
    * Give the Professor red petals 075 GIVE (skip 300 gems)
    * Give the Professor spicy feasts 0/5 GIVE (skip 240 gems)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Clover: Harrumph... Petrichor? You're going to need a good reason for waking me from my sleep.

    Clover: Have you got any other flowers? It feels like ages since I've seen petals that beautiful.
    Goal 2:
    * Give the Professor orange petals 0/75 GIVE (skip 150 gems)
    * Give the Professor lemonade 0/10 GIVE (skip 150 gems)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Clover: Petrichor was one of my best students. If she couldn't stop that Duke, I'm not sure anything will.

    Clover: After all that dark talk, I'm going to need a pick me up. Got anything sweet to go with these petals?
    Goal 3:
    * Give the Professor white petals 0/75 GIVE (skip 225 gems)
    * Give the Professor ice cream 0/15 GIVE (skip 75 gems)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Clover: I'm ready to head back to the Academy now and see what we can see... I hope the groundskeepers have been keeping things tidy!

    Clover: Nature will always grow back. The Duke won't be able to stop that.
    Goal 4:
    * Clear dead trees 0/5 GO
    * Find the mysterious flowers 0/5 GO (skip 50 gems) | you'll likely need to clear about 8 dead trees to get the 5 drops for this goal
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Clover: Wait a moment. What's that?

    Clover: A flower this dark and dank needs a dim place to grow... search the Academy grounds, you'll find it.
    Goal 5:
    * Investigate the Sinister Statue 0/5 GO | collect from the statue 5 times
    * Find sinister seeds 0/5 GO (skip 250 gems) | not guaranteed, so it will take a lot of collections to get enough seeds for this goal
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Clover: Aha! I knew it. That narcissist couldn't help but put these awful flowers near his ugly statue.

    Clover: The Duke waters his plants with a sickening, noxious concoction. I think we can find a better way.
    Goal 6:
    * Visit ponds 0/5 GO
    * Gather algae water 0/5 GO (skip 125 gems)
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Clover: Now that's much better! Water like that is sure to change the way those flowers grow.

    Clover: Ah, Ruler! You're here! Just in time... I have a few items I'm going to need you to source for me.
    Goal 7:
    * Gather sinister seeds 0/20 GO (skip 1000 gems) | previous inventory does not count, you have to gather 20 new sinister seeds for this goal. You can however GIVE the 5 you have already in inventory to the 25 needed below first. Same for the other gather/give goals below but be warned.... if you GIVE first you reset the counter for the GATHER goal if you don't have the GATHER goal ticked off, so best to wait.
    * Give the Professor sinister seeds 0/25 GIVE
    * Gather algae water 0/45 GO (skip 1125 gems)
    * Give the Professor algae water 0/50 GIVE
    * Gather golden nuggets 0/15 GO (skip 1200 gems)
    * Give the Professor golden nuggets 0/15 GIVE | if you are maxed on golden nuggets, you can give them to this part first. What you gather will count toward the goal regardless if you're maxed on this item though, but you will not receive over the cap of 99.
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Clover: That ought to do it! Just a bit of Glimmerdust to sprinkle on top and this potion is exactly what that plant needs.

    Clear any monsters from your board for this goal. The Wild Plant needs to spawn. If you have a monster on your board and the Wild Plant doesn't spawn, you will need to collect another 5 sinister seeds and do the craft again.
    Clover: Let's see what happens now!
    Goal 8:
    * Grow the Strange Seed 0/1 GO | Potion Shop, 5 minutes - 5 sinister seeds | you need to collect another 5 sinister seeds as the 25 gathered so far have been used against goal 7
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp
    Congratulations: Clover: Oops... Perhaps I did not have that recipe just right...

    Clover: Only a worthy gardener will be able to vanquish this foe.
    Goal 9:
    * Defeat the wild plant 0/1 GO | 75/75 hits to defeat. Note: does not return energy
    Rewards: 100 coins, 10 xp, +1 academy flowers
    Congratulations: Clover: Well done. Take this. Ivy made a new potion, and this plant is a much tamer growth! It should make a lovely addition to your realm.

    Note: The Academy Flower has a 7 day timer. It will give you 5 academy scrolls each collection. | The Wild Plant is now unlocked in the market for 150 gems.

    The Academy Flowers will drop Academy Scrolls

    Academy Flowers
    Info: A pot of flowers grown exclusively at the Academy. When you water this plan, you'll receive five Academy Scrolls!
    Drops: 5 academy scrolls, dark pollen, petals (purple), spellbound dew | available when The Academy: Herbology for Beginners has been completed
    Collection timer: 7 days

    Algae water 0/999
    Info: Blue water that's thick with microbial growth. Found when visiting ponds.
    Found: collecting from ponds & wells from goal 6 of The Academy: Herbology for Beginners
    Uses: completes goal

    Horton E. Clover
    Info: Professor Horton E. Clover, head of the Academy's Herbology department.
    Found: added to the The Academy in July 2021 | Academy: 200 scrolls
    Uses: Town Square citizen

    Mysterious flowers | 0/999
    Info: A strange flower with a sickeningly sweet smell. Found when clearing Dead Trees.
    Found: clearing dead trees from goal 4 of The Academy: Herbology for Beginners
    Uses: completes goal

    Sinister seed | 0/999
    Info: An oddly shaped seed with a threatening aura. Discovered at the base of the Sinister Statue.
    Found: Sinister statue from goal 5 of The Academy: Herbology for Beginners
    Uses: completes goal, Grow the strange seed craft (Potion Shop, 5)

    Wild Plant (spawn)
    Found: collecting from the Grow the Strange Seed craft in goal 9 of The Academy: Herbology for Beginners
    Uses: completes goal

    Wild Plant
    Info: A flower with a threatening look that's actually very sweet. Water it for a chance at an Earth Wisp!
    Found: market, 150 gems when The Academy: Herbology for Beginners has been completed
    Drops: 650 coins, earth wisp (? others)
    Collection time: 5 hours

    add potion shop craft to the guides (done)

    Dialogue: - HUGE thanks to SylvanSanctuary for providing the text for us! Really appreciate it!
    Goal 1:
    Professor Clover: ...
    Petrichor: Oh! I know him! This is Professor Clover, the Herbology instructor!
    Professor Clover: ...
    Petrichor: Professor Clover? Can you hear me?
    Professor Clover: Hmmph.
    Ruler: Is he all right?
    Petrichor: I don't know... but I know from experience that it isn't fun to wake up from being a statue. There are some things around this realm that should help him feel better. Especially plants... he loves plants.
    Ruler: We can definitely help out with some plants!

    Goal 2:
    Professor Clover: So the Duke finally did it then, didn't he?
    Ruler: Finally?
    Professor Clover: That old miser has been threatening to take over the school and punish the kids for years. I should have tried to stop him... I didn't think he was serious. I've always hated that miserable coot. He couldn't stand the way I ran the Herbology department. He fancied himself a bit of a green thumb, I think, so he always had complaints to make about my curriculum. You know, my mouth is still burning from that incredible feast you gave me. I'd love to talk more about my time with the Duke but I'd love a drink first.

    Goal 3:
    Professor Clover: How do I know you aren't all working for the Duke?
    Petrichor: Professor! I would never. I was a statue just like you until this ruler woke me up. The Duke trapped us all in stone...and I mean EVERYONE. We're waking up as many of our classmates as we can, one at a time.
    Professor Clover: I can't believe how much damage that monster has done to the school. Everything at the Academy completely frozen in time, just so he could have his perfect class.
    Ruler: What do you mean?
    Professor Clover: He was always talking about it...some grand plan to "get the children in line." I never imagined he'd do something like this.

    Goal 4:
    Professor Clover: It's all gone...everything I worked on. All my plants are gone. Completely overwhelmed by the years. There's nothing left.
    Petrichor: I'm sorry, Professor.
    Professor Clover: Call me Horton now, Petrichor. We're in this together now. I'll never forgive the Duke for what he's done. This is all his evil machinations.
    Ruler: We need to fight back against him. That's why we've been waking you all up. You are the ones who can help us get rid of the Duke once and for all.
    Professor Clover: I don't know, child. My years of battling evil wizards are long behind me. The Duke even got my favorite roses...they're completely lost to time now. I may not be able to help you directly, but I'll do what I can.

    Goal 5:
    Professor Clover: Hmmph.
    Ruler: What's wrong, Horton?
    Professor Clover: I recognize that flower...That's the Duke's bougainvillea. He thought he was so clever getting these to grow. It's a tricky plant and it does take quite a bit of work to make this plant flourish. Something about the plants he used to grow was just... not right.
    Ruler: The smell is so strong.
    Professor Clover: It's a pungent bloom, that's certain, but this variant is as bad as the worst weed. It'll choke any of your other plants if we let it grow unchecked. We've got to see if we can't find where it's coming from.

    Goal 6:
    Professor Clover: I hate these flowers almost as much as I hate that old Duke. We might not be able to rid the realm of them completely, but with the right ingredients, we might be able to get this plant to be a little more friendly. It might take a hint of magic to get this done. It was a magical school, after all!
    Ivy: Did someone say magic?
    Ruler: Ivy, were you waiting over there for one of us to say "magic"?
    Ivy: What? Me? Never!

    Goal 7:
    Ivy: All right, Ruler, I've had some time to look at these flowers and work with the Professor. These flowers are no good. There's definitely something not right about them. I placed the Duke's bougainvillea next to a regular Larkspur and the Larkspur wilted! We've got to get them out of the realm as soon as we can. Luckily for us, Professor Horton is on to something, I think. He's been working all day in the Potion Shop! Come with me, I'll show you.

    Goal 8:
    Professor Clover: Now these are lovely ingredients, Young Ruler! Do you like growing plants yourself?
    Ruler: I do, actually. I find myself farming a lot.
    Professor Clover: Ahh, you're modest, I can tell! I'll bet you've grown some fantastic plants. I can tell you really care about the earth... not like the Duke. He wants to exploit it. That's why I'm going to cure his bougainvillea of its ills, turn it into a proper plant! With this potion, we can change the way his plant grows so that it will be docile. It'll be our own hybrid flower, and it will fight against his choking flower! I had Miss Ivy's help to brew this potion, though it's my own recipe. All we have to do is add it to the seeds you gathered and get it into the dirt. Come on! We'll show that miserable old codger how to grow a plant!

    Goal 9:
    Professor Clover: Perhaps I mixed these numbers up .. Oh, how could I be so empty-headed? I've created a monster!
    Ruler: It's all right, Professor. You've been in stone for decades! It's going to take some time to feel normal again.
    Professor Clover: You are right, young Ruler. Yet another thing the Duke has stolen from me. But I'm not going to let him win! I am going to fix this potion and fix his plant, once and for all. I just need your help.
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