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Thread: Castle Story 10/14: The Candy Kingdom (main story) | goals on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stymie52 View Post
    Goal 7
    Approach the Spun Sugar Cottage (Make sure you have no Monsters in your realm) 0/1
    Find the Witch 0/1

    Approach the Spun Sugar Cottage (5 minutes)s
    Golden Nuggets 0/1
    Golden Eggs 0/1
    Does anyone have goal 6? It's possible I missed it in an earlier post, it I looked twice.
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    I don't remember them EVER using the deep mine so I collected from them and saved the Sparkling ones. I'm about to go to sleep and need the second troll camp collection so it works out but I don't want anyone else to make the same mistake.

    The forums are a lifesaver for finishing the various quests and storylines. So excited to have a new storyline! Thanks Storm8

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    SpiritWind, I remember you saying in the past that this would help. If you don't need it, let me know and I won't keep track for the future goals.

    Dialogue for Goal 2:
    Ruler: Look at that, Ivy! What's that troll doing over there with that candy?
    Ivy: I have no idea...
    Ruler: I know you can get a sugar rush from eating too much candy, but this is just ridiculous.
    Ivy: It took a whole handful of those Candied Leaves from me. I need them for my recipe...
    Ruler: Don't worry, Ivy. We'll get some more. And we'll stop that troll from taking any more sugar. It seems he's had enough.

    Congratulations for Goal 2:
    Ivy: Now hang on a minute, ruler. That amulet is something special.

    Dialogue for Goal 3:
    Ivy: Look at the way that amulet glitters, ruler.
    Ruler: It is a beautiful jewel...
    Ivy: Jewel? Oh no, no, no ruler! That's candy.
    Ruler: Candy? How can you tell?
    Ivy: There's only one way to find out for sure.
    Ack (missed the picture so went from memory)
    Ruler: Oh no, Ivy! Are you all right? Was it a poisoned jewel?
    Ivy: No, even worse... it's Bogberry flavor...Blech!

    Congratulations for Goal 3:
    Thomas: Come inside, Young Ruler! Let us see this sweet gem.

    Dialogue for Goal 4:
    Thomas: Now this is something very interesting...
    Ruler: Have you ever seen anything like this, Old Thomas?
    Thomas: No, I am afraid not...but I can tell there is something quite special about this amulet. I looked upon it closely with a magnifying glass. If you look deep within the gem itself, you can see the very artifacts used to create it! I will need to do some more experiments before I can be sure of the exact source, but it is clear to me that is no ordinary candy...that is a magical confection!
    Ivy: Aha! I knew it!
    Ruler: Knew what?
    Ivy: That candy amulet was made by a witch!

    Congratulations for Goal 4:
    Thomas: This is quite the malleable magic, Young Ruler. It can be reshaped into new things, like this powerful and sweet sword!

    Dialogue for Goal 5:
    Thurston: My liege, do you hear that?
    Ruler: I do, Thurston...It sounds like...crying?
    Thurston: Yes, my liege, I do believe that is the sound of crying children. It's getting closer...look, my liege! Children approach.
    Ruler: Oh no...are you all right?
    Crying Children: WAAAAAAAAAAH!! No we're not all right! have to help us. We're scared and we're alone and we're in trouble!!
    Ruler: We'll help you, don't worry. Tell us what's wrong.
    Crying Children: It''s...the witch!

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    Good little witches from the last event drop silver ore in multiples

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladlasse View Post
    Does anyone have goal 6? It's possible I missed it in an earlier post, it I looked twice.
    It is in posts 15 and 23. You have to expand to the pink cottage.

    Per shambayala (post 15):
    New expansion on the island requiring:
    35 mithril
    45 spellbound dew
    5 troll candy (from the troll camp)
    8 candy swords (meaning 96 candy wands, get out ALL your bushes)

    Per Stymie52 (post 23):
    Goal 6
    See shambalaya's above post # 15
    Expand to the Spun Sugar Cottage 0/1

    Looks like Stymie and I were on at the same time
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    Quote Originally Posted by ladlasse View Post
    Does anyone have goal 6? It's possible I missed it in an earlier post, it I looked twice.
    Goal 6
    Use Mithril 0/35
    Use Spellbound Dew 0/45
    Use Troll Candy 0/5
    Use Candy Swords 0/8
    Expand to the Spun Sugar Cottage

    Sorry, double post!
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    Thank you both, SylvanSanctuary and Stymie52. I did look twice, but apparently I'm not as observant as I used to be. I see the part about expanding, but I guess I didn't read it close enough and didn't realize it was goal 6. I just thought it was extra info about new buildings on the island.
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    Guess I should have bought that Mithril dragon after all. *sigh* And, like an idiot, I just used what little mithril I did have to upgrade my Deep Mine *last night*. I mean, the night before the new storyline dropped.
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    I bought and chopped one each of the bushes and go a skunk! No monsters!

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    Clicking on bushes to spawn a troll, but keep getting toxic spirits. Is there a point when I will no longer spawn the toxic spirit? I know I?m maxed out on poison wood or whatever she drops.

    Does the troll spawn from anything except bushes?
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