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Thread: Spooky Silver Screen - 2021 October 13

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    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    @ ExcalS8
    The Trunk or Treat Truck is still on your farm. Tap where you sat it and collect from it and it will become visible again.
    Thanks. Just pushed a fix for this.

    Also fixed the animation not properly looping, and the Trunk or Treat not being rotatable. In addition, I disambiguated the names (last year's is now Trunk or Treat 2020 and this one is Trunk or Treat 2021) and reduced the footprint of the Trunk or Treat 2020 to 1x1. Also, to match the size of the footprint, the scale was reduced by 20% for both Trunk or Treats (Trunks or Treat?).
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    @ ExcalS8
    The only thing left every player has one Movie poster left in their barn from the Event because one reward was two of the same poster.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lapetshop7 View Post
    Can we please get rid of this locked extra movie poster in our storage
    Some players have more then one poster.

    Quote Originally Posted by RoyalBlue305 View Post
    I have that as well plus the swag bag. Can't sell them either. They show live in the barn but opaque if you try and sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moissonor View Post
    Movie Poster
    It is visible in the Barn and not sellable.
    Pushed a change to make the World Event crafting components (Movie Poster, Movie DVD, Spooky Swag) sellable.

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    I really wish the Old Trunk or Treat (2020) wasn't resized to the size it is now, let alone really at all.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Both have been resized to be even smaller than what they previously were, for someone like myself, i already have a hard time seeing small things. This makes seeing them hard now.

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    Oh ic, i was thinking why today it?s look smaller, but then I thought i was thinking to much , probably it?s always this side. Oh well ....

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