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Thread: Please: I need help

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    Please: I need help

    I purchased 4 of those fall luminary dividers for 10 gems each. I put 2 out on display and put 2 in my storage.
    Now it won't let me get them out of storage, they are from a goal apparently and since I dont get goals theyre locked at the end of my decor items.
    Can I please have my gems back if I cant have the dividers? I spent 40 gems on 4 of them.
    Everything that was sold during the last sale that was a goal item and I bought is now locked to me. The dividers are what is valuable, either I need access to them or my gems back.
    My goals have always been locked and wont present a new goal to me. Goal prizes are locked.

    What Can I do?
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    Hi I'm having the same issue I just checked my items cause there's new sale items then realized several of items I purchased years ago are now locked I just had them out last week but put them away for Halloween, I really hope this is fixed I want my items back

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    Thanks for posting. I'll check on this...

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    This issue has been fixed. Thank you!
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    Thank you so very much

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