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Thread: GOAL: Ominous Investigation - 2021 Oct 12 (15 Days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by susiebakery1 View Post
    When I place the final goal item, it doesn't show anything. It's invisible. When I click the item, it shows a very thin outline but it goes transparent when it's not clicked. Pls help!!!
    This might be due to a cache issue. Exit your game, then on your device, find the Application Settings for Bakery Story. You should see an option under 'Storage' to 'Clear Cache'. This will cause your images to reload when you reopen the game after. Make sure also that your internet connection is stable, just in case.

    Hopefully that should resolve the issue. If not, please fill out a Support Ticket using the link in my signature.
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    First of all, Big thank you to AnnirasSweets. As always your information / help/ guide is very much appreciated.
    Like many I am slightly disappointed in the final goal (1x1) for the time a effort need was complete the goal the reward could at least be a 3x3.
    The side goal did make up for it a little bit thou as it was something I was missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortdanzr View Post
    so just learned a trick. maybe eveyrone knows this, but i just came across it. if you finish the side goal during step 4 of the regular goal, the deco you are awarded counts as your floor deco you must purchase. going to have to remember this for the future. usually i finish the side goal before i get to step 4 of the regular goal
    What I do is buy one of the new goal tables or chairs to fulfill that floor deco purchase in that goal. That way it completes that goal & will also be counted toward the goal that makes you buy 4 tables & chairs.

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