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Thread: GOAL: Midnight Monsters - 2021 Oct 07 (5 Days)

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    GOAL: Midnight Monsters - 2021 Oct 07 (5 Days)

    5 Day Goal - Midnight Monsters
    Lv. 45+
    *Goal should end October 12, 2021*
    (18:00 UTC / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT)

    *Headstone Oven Cookbook will now have THREE pages of recipes.
    Be sure to check all pages when looking for new recipes.*

    Midnight Monsters: Part 1
    Serve 10 Apple Cupcake (30g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 6 Hours *under CAKE tab*
    Serve 4 Espressos (40g to skip)
    - Basic Drink Mixer
    - 4 Hours *under COFFEE tab*
    Buy 1 Headstone Oven (2g to skip)
    - Must be newly purchased and fully built to count.
    - Unlocks @ Level 27
    - $42,000 each
    - 8 Oven Element + 8 Headstone Knob
    Rewards: $1,000, 30 xp, Creepy Looking Cake Recipe (unlocked w/ appliance purchase)

    Midnight Monsters: Part 2
    Serve 8 Subway Cupcakes (24g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - Unlocks @ Level 45
    - 6 Hours *under CAKE tab*
    Serve 6 Latte (30g to skip)
    - Basic Drink Mixer
    - 22 Hours *under COFFEE tab*
    Serve 12 Creepy Looking Cake (30g to skip)
    - Headstone Oven
    - 1 Hour
    Rewards: $1,000, 30 xp, UNLOCKS - Sugary Shout Cake Recipe

    Midnight Monsters: Part 3
    Serve 8 Red Berry Delight (25g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 8 Hours *under CAKE tab*
    Serve 8 Mocha (20g to skip)
    - Basic Drink Mixer
    - 30 Minutes *under COFFEE tab*
    Serve 14 Sugary Shout Cake (20g to skip)
    - Headstone Oven
    - 3 Hours
    Rewards: $1,000, 30 xp, UNLOCKS - Ghoulcake Recipe

    Midnight Monsters: Part 4
    Serve 6 Cronut (50g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - 9 Hours *under CAKE tab*
    Serve 8 Cappuccinos (40g to skip)
    - Basic Drink Mixer
    - 12 Hours *under COFFEE tab*
    Serve 8 Strawberry Coffee Cakes (40g to skip)
    - Basic Oven
    - Unlocks @ Level 45
    - 6 Hours *under CAKE tab*
    Serve 12 Ghoulcake (40g to skip)
    - Headstone Oven
    - 8 Hours
    Rewards: $1,000, 30 xp, 1 Free Frankenstein Table Floor Deco

    Final Goal Prize:
    Frankenstein Table, 3x3, 20 Gem Value (Originally released Sep. 27, 2012 as Someone Wicked Goal Prize*Removed*)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS 10-07-2021 Goal Prize Inventory.PNG 
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ID:	60874
    *Deco placed (with table/chair for size comp), click for larger image/greater detail:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS 10-07-2021 Goal Prize Placed.jpg 
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Size:	112.1 KB 
ID:	60875

    Spoiler: show

    Spoiler: show


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    Click image for larger version. 

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    1st Recipe! Creepy Looking Cake

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    Dang! I already have Frankensteins table 😢 but the recipes look cute

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    Beautiful recipes inside Headstone Oven

    Name:  16533915-61B0-4BB3-950B-FB4624DB483F.jpg
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    Name:  313B2480-A445-4FA4-BF36-F6D29311D9F0.jpg
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    Creepy Looking Cake, Sugary Shout Cake, Ghoulcake

    Name:  D748BB34-5D9F-4751-90EC-E3E3A3966F9C.jpg
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Size:  134.1 KB
    Enjoy Baking! 🍰

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    These are SO CUTE!!! Kinda/sorta on Halloween as they aren’t really Halloweeny colors, but OMG, so cute. If the green & pink ones weren’t on a skull platter they would be awesome for Spring.


    Thank you, Anniras and Bakerling!

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    The recipes are very cute💕 good job storm8!

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    Hahah the recipes are really cute!

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    Excelente premio; felicitaciones

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    The recipes are awesome! ❤

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    Have you noticed how the Sugary Shout Cake recipe is set on the counters at a little bit of an angle? I don't remember that with any other recipes. The OCD in my personality is mentally wanting me to straighten them all. Lol. Also, there is 1 pink and 2 green cakes on the serving tray but the Bots only ever "eat" the green ones. I imagine that probably happens with other recipes but I've never noticed it before. Not complaining, just observing.

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