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Thread: 10/05 Update: Baron's Tent Prizes (Oct 2021)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnygirl634 View Post
    ... He is animated. It's like he's trying to get out the grave. He's so cool. ...

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    Skeletal Wyvern
    8 hour timer
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    2 hour timer

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    LOVE your spooky area

    Quote Originally Posted by sunnygirl634 View Post
    Grave Troll

    Just decoration, no timer. He is animated. It's like he's trying to get out the grave. He's so cool.

    Attachment 60825 Attachment 60826

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    Maybe a force close will get it to show up. That's the go to troubleshooting option & works pretty much every time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RonjaR82 View Post
    I'm so happy with the new prizes!
    The Dancing Skeleton sounds amazing Deco dropper, animated AND with a sound when collecting!
    Fingers crossed he visits my Realm!
    Thanks for sharing Annira (and congrats!)

    I have the pig scientist, not sure what to do with him.
    Does anyone know if an alternate pig ever has any other drops than pig drops? As far as i know they all have pig drops, and that's not very appealing. Especially because they never work in events. It would be purely deco for me.
    First, thank you for the advice you gave me on a different thread (a few days ago).
    Second, I'm also excited about the new prizes! Unfortunately on day 1 every one of my accounts only got a deco as an option, so I didn't worry about getting them (the pile of Spellbooks and the coffin looking thingy).
    Third, I don't know what the scientist pig will drop, but I'm thinking maybe just normal pig drops? I do have a super cute Flying Pig (he actually just stands there, but he's dressed as an aviator) that drops iron ore in addition to the pig drops. He does not do anything for events.
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    Tada! Big thanks to HungryGoblin for sending this info.

    Oct 2021 BGT

    Werewolf Kitsunecorn: Earth Wisp, Earth Lantern, Elvenite, Expansion Permit
    Dancing Skeleton: Bone, Haunted Path, Spooky Gate, Spooky Tower, Spooky Wall, Haystack, Ivy?s Broom, Halloween Banner
    Pumpkin Patch Skunkupine: Rat Tail, Fur, Creep Tooth, Wheat, Corn, Tomato, Skunkupine (monster)
    Mad Scientist Pig: Truffle, Bacon, Fang Beast (min level/monster). Certain Quests: Chocolate Truffle, Golden Apple
    Skeleton Wyvern: Wyvern Milk, Coals, Jewels, Longsword, Light Armor, Earth Wisp, coins, Dragon Scales
    Coffins: deco
    Spirit Butterflies: deco
    Grave Troll: deco
    Potion Table: deco
    Piles of Spellbooks: deco
    Witch's Fire: deco

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    Thank you both Spiritwind and HungryGoblin for the info. I appreciate knowing what they drop.

    The artwork for all of these new prizes is fantastic. I am excited for the tent this month!

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    I got spooky wall from dancing skeleton.

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    I have tried twice now. The prize I was supposed to win were the coffins?both times. Instead, I received 5 lattice fences each time. Also, I received no credit for participating in the Baron?s seasonal event. I?m done.

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