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Thread: GOAL: Farm Fresh - 2021 Sept. 23 (15 Days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixiegamer View Post
    I have reported this feedback over. It's important that players on both sides of this issue are heard. I've requested further input from the Bakery team on this topic - hopefully, we should hear back after the weekend with more information regarding the Fall Collection resize. Thank you to those who voiced their concerns.
    I agree

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    Barnyard Chocolate Tart:
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    My daughter told me yesterday that the basket had shrunk in size. I checked mine and of course it was the same. My wife, my daughter and I all would like it reverted back to it's original size. It was absolutely lovely and now it's just something that will more than likely not be used by us again. Certainly not as a centre piece.

    So 3 votes from us for it to be the original larger size.
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    2 votes from my daughter and myself for the smaller size.

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    I have been having issues signing in all day on mobile data and WiFi it keeps telling me I’m not connected to internet. Anyone else having this issue?
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    I’ve reported this issue over and the team is currently looking into it!
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    UPDATE: The Fall Collection floor decoration will stay as it is (resized to 1x1):

    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Vanellope
    Thanks for the feedback but we don't have plans to duplicate or alter the size of the item.
    Sorry to those who preferred the larger size
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