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Thread: Uncraftable flower dragons

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    Uncraftable flower dragons

    Edit: the original reason I posted this thread was to ask why Neo Rose, Crocus, Bright Daisy, Laceleaf, and Sweetpea dragons (all flower types) lacked a craft button in the codex. However, after I posted I found a private message in my inbox from support with an update to this question, so never mind!
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    I’d like to know why we cant disenchant them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athabasca55 View Post
    I’d like to know why we cant disenchant them?
    This is a mystery to me as well, in addition to why they can't be crafted.
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    Craftable dragons were introduced to allow the game(ers) to benefit from the huge backlog of older dragons that were no longer accessible and would never get rotated back in during events or sales.

    Newly released dragons are usually not craftable (so that players have motivation to play the events to get them), and probably by virtue of that not disenchantable (since once u did, you wouldn?t be able to get them back with crafting from essence). I suspect S8 wants to minimise the number of requests to get back dragons because someone ?accidentally? traded them away for essence

    Maybe years from now, they will add a batch of ?not super old but still old? dragons onto the list of craftable dragons

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