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Thread: The limited amount of time to complete goals

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    The limited amount of time to complete goals

    As a person who has played this game for years!! I see how you are making it almost impossible to complete goals without purchasing gems and it?s despicable!! It used to be you only needed maybe 20 parts total for new ovens or drink dispensers and now you need like 60. We can only receive so many gifts at a time from neighbors. You have in some cases only given small amount of time to achieve the goals. Also the decor items are lacking. I know I?m not the only person, that is over all the garden themed items. It?s a bakery game and there are barely any baking items like more cake displays, candy themed items, or more colors to play with. The game has no new windows, doors, or cash registers. I think after this go round if there are no improvements I will never play this again. I loved this game at one point and I believe it can be loved again. I see there are so many great ideas in this forum. Maybe try listening to the players because we spend money in the game and ultimately help you stay afloat. I don?t mind buying gems for some things and have spent plenty to use them. However it would help if you would make the cost of things equal out. Maybe make some goals that are pertaining to the actual game and not downloading another to receive gems, more revenue generated from food; it seems it takes forever to make coins, and remove food from gift options it?s a bakery game we bake and make food why is that even an gift option? Either way this game has always had the potential to be great. I hope we see improvement.

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    Personally I need more time than 15 days. About 3 weeks. New to the game but have a couple bakeries. Been playing for several months. They don't seem to listen or take any of players suggestions. Seen suggestions posted from years and to this day people ask for it and still not in game. Updated gift menu anyone? So unfortunate. Still love this game and have invested and bought gems. Need more time for goal. Might be an old game but it's a great game. Just wish the company still put more effort into it. It's still worth updating. Maybe more new players like me who like it and will buy gems. I also agree new doors and windows. Not much variety in that department. All mostly white framed except for one. Also the curtains the choices are similar, those pink ones. Too girly more something in between.

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    For those people who have work/ school and are busy throughout the day, there is not enough time to complete the goal. The amount of materials needed to build an oven, and the amount of baking required to bake goods in order to go to the next goal is very overwhelming. If people can't accomplish the goal, then this game is not much fun. I have played this game for years, but it looks like I might have to quit and look for a different game.

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    I've recently given up on the goals cause of the short time frame. It's so unattainable for anyone who can't dedicate hours a day to the game

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