Java Joint This is a 10 days cruise.

The Java Joint Cruise has arrived! Barista is here to learn about some of his favorite dishes! If you can show him how helpful you can be, then he might bring some roasted food to your Restaurant!

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Cruise Guide
Refer to Cruise Guide for more information.

Cruise Day
This cruise uses Set C in

Once you have completed all 10 days, Barista will visit your restaurant every few hours and drop you the ingredient to make Shockaido (gem recipe).

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Gem Recipe
Shockaido - 5 turbinado sugar + 10 cream + 10 vanilla 10 special ingredient (drops from the character) (Jubilee Oven)

Limited Time Recipes
Coffee Cake - 8 cream + 8 flour + 8 sugar + 8 Canned Coffee (Diner Stove)
Ham & Cheese Croissant- 9 beef + 9 cheese + 9 flour + 9 Canned Coffee (Commercial Stove)
Foam Coffee - 10 sugar + 10 Canned Coffee (Celebration Stove)

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