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Thread: Help - Game will not load

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    Our team would like to resolve this as soon as possible. While we're not absolutely sure, we think you're timing out due to the amount of information that's trying to load when you log into the game. A common denominator was extremely difficult to pinpoint since every player has unique islands. This will very likely require an update to the game client, which will be a significant body of work because other improvements will need to be included. Unfortunately, this means more waiting.

    We appreciate your love for our game and understand that you've been waiting for good news. We're currently experiencing challenges with resources and are working to resolve those as soon as we can. Unfortunately, at this time I can't offer a date but I'll be sure to share more information as soon as it's available. Thank you for your continued patience and for all of the troubleshooting that you've completed to help us research this.

    As for compensation, we'll evaluate this at a later time when the issue is resolved. Thank you again for your grace and patience.

    If storing items does help you, we appreciate you doing this while you wait.

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    Thanks for the update and I hope the issue is put to bed once and for all.

    For players who haven?t been able to get in, I would advise the following:
    Shut down all programs running
    Shutdown your device
    Restart your modem
    Power up your device
    Start the game (It could take more than 10 retries)
    If you cannot get in, retry above steps another day (Sunday seems to work for some)
    As and when you do get in, start deleting decorations from your storage

    Hope above helps some users

    Others who have also managed to find a workaround, please post your solutions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kami365 View Post
    I'm Not playing game since yesterday, unable to uploaded. I'm play on my iPad, iOS 9.3.6 memory 16GB. Still have 3GB left to load DS. it's an Old device but work perfectly with DS so far, And I did use VPN but can't log in to DS. I'm on Level 200.
    Last couple of weeks somehow I can manage to login DS but needs a lot of tries and patience to play. Now the login problem comes again and I can't play DS. Hopefully and believe Storm8 working on it. For the decorations in storage, we can't delete them directly from the storage, must bring them back to the island then detected them. It's very difficult time-consuming process. Is there any alternate solution? Please write on the forum.

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    I finally decided to post on this thread. For the last four Dragon Tales I have been unable to log in and have been able to get back in on day two or three of the following leaderboard event. There are four accounts using the same iPad so we each have basically six out of eighteen days of playing time. I would like to second the suggestion of skipping DT until a fix is available. Maybe alternate leaderboard and community events. A second request…if there will be a big sale (as has been in previous years) to celebrate the April anniversary please have it during the time players seem to NOT be locked out. It will only add to the frustration if we are unable to participate. Also, thanks for posting updates here. It gives us something to follow during our non-playing times.

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    I'm unclear as to whether we are supposed to delete decorations or store them. Someone said to sell them off, and Elsa's post seems to be saying to put them in storage. I like to save almost everything as a "souvenir" of an event, but most of my items are in storage. I do not have a lot of decorations out on display on most of my accounts.
    I've spent thousands of dollars on Storm8 games, but I'm still not valued by the company.

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    I agree stop tales until the problem is fixed. Please give your loyal players a chance to play. If you really care about your players you will consider stopping tales. We have been patient for months with no end in sight. Please please pause tales. Please keep us updated.

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    Disclaimer - The above steps worked for me. May nor work for others

    Update - Haven’t been able to get in for the last 24 hours.

    I guess we wait for S8 to resolve this…

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    It’s been almost a month since I was last able to log in. Just keep getting harder and harder and now nothing.

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    I have virtually no decorations on my lvl 200 account, I started deleting decorations from storge too..theres just too many and why keep them just to be stored..wish there was some way to get rid of stored ' materials' too..if nothing can be done with them , why have to keep them..
    I seem to have trouble getting on, even after I have already been earlier, after the afternoon reset and especially when Tales starts but last time also when LB started..The odd , first thing in the morning , I can not get in right away, will take sometimes about a dozen attempts.
    I have no issues getting in with android phone but game is iffy, because I do things for bingo or an event and next thing you know that thing has not registered, like the last Tales now , on my phone I had to repeat a few acts at the very beginning, but then I got in on my ipad and it was clear sailing after more phone usage..
    Another issue I had from last Leaderboard, I won a lot of food in Global, had it awarded when I was playing on my phone, but when I got in on my ipad , the food was gone, it did not get added to my account, sent in ticket..but nothing !
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    Well I just got back in after 2 weeks of lockout. I had stored all my decorations a while back and that didn’t help. I am now in the process of selling off my decorations to see if that helps. I also stored several hundred dragons in the stable and that didn’t help. I have been struggling with lockouts since November with no end in sight. Can we have an update please? Maybe I’m naive but why does it take so long? I just feel the answers we get are sporadic and very vague.

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