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Thread: Help - Game will not load

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    I have been locked out for weeks. I have been playing for almost 10 years every day. Maybe some day they will get around to fixing the game. I don’t understand how the advertiser’s go along with having large numbers of players locked out. I feel like we are not as important as their newer players and don’t quite understand why. When when will you fix the game?

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    I was happy to get into the game the day before yesterday, after another two weeks of trying and trying during the tales.
    But it was a very short pleasure - I‘m locked out again since yesterday. Again no chance to play this game, which I‘ve been playing for these many years.
    Someone said „no players, no money“, but obviously Storm8 isn’t interested in earning money, lol …

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    No one is posting anymore. Did everyone quit? How sad. Last update was 5/2 since then nothing. Will they ever work to fix this problem? So tired of this. The whole world is short handed but somehow other companies manage to get it done. Please fix the problem.

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    Well you can tell Tales has started, I got locked out of game even before it started..trying and trying with no luck getting back on..I am doing tourney on phone and started Tales on it too, but am hesitant as I have issues with Tales event on phone, like not getting my markers to craft the given dragon.
    Its been a long time and no word about when a game update will be in the App Store…the longer the game issues go on, the more money they have to be losing, I can’t buy gold because I can’t get into the game..won’t even attempt that on my phone.

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    I haven’t been able to log in since the afternoon of 5/20 after Tales started. �� It is going to cause me to get bumped from the gold league in bingo and obviously not finish tales, etc. So bummed this problem that has been going on so long isn’t getting any attention. Please help us! We just want to continue playing the game.

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    Greeeeeeat!! This is now the SECOND time I've experienced the rollback which has completely messed up the Tales. I just love when the game randomly disconnects as it always does, and then upon returning to the game, my goals for the chapter have been completed, but I am NO LONGER crafting the dragon. The error forced my progress to roll back, as if I did NOT start crafting the dragon, and now displays that I do not possess all of the crafting material. So now, I do not have enough to craft the stupid Anthurium dragon, even though I was in the middle of it CRAFTING, before the disconnect.

    Just sent in a support ticket but god, this game is so broken.

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    Day after day, week after week, month after month no fix. Problem has been going on since August and no one has “time or resources “ to fix. I wonder if the advertisers are happy with so many players being unable to play. Nine long months since this began. Once again please fix the problem.

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