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Thread: Help - Game will not load

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    It’s been two days of lockout for me. Last time it was 10 days. I was finally able to get in when tales finished last time so maybe once tales is over maybe I will be able to get back in. I’m beginning to dread tales and wish they would put a hold on tales until this issue is resolved. Please fix this problem. This thread started in August and still no resolution. Surely there is something they can do to fix it. It seems more and more people are affected and many have given up.

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    Still locked out since 12/2 tomorrow is Monday maybe some answers. My tales ended today I couldn’t even get the second dragon even though I was set to craft it the morning I was locked out. I bred the common and finished the tournament. I feel liked all my work was wasted questing, feeding, breeding for the common, and crafting.

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    Hi all, I've stickied this thread and moved it to the Bugs forum plus added a descriptor to the title until S8 are able to identify and fix or advise further the issues around connectivity.

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    Been out for 10 days now, missed the sales, missed the tales, dont know what else Ive be missed. Two weeks out, one day in and the 10 days out.

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    Me too been out since 12/2 and was out 10 days during the last tales. I wish they would fix the problem before they start another tales because that seems to be the problem . It seems more and more people are being affected. I wish I knew how many are affected. Please fix the problem.

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    Hi guys! While I was locked out from my IOS device, I have been able to play from my Android device.
    Today I ve uninstalled the game on the IOS device and after reinstalling it I have been able to enter the game again! Hope it lasts! Just try it!

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    Well tales is over and a new leaderboard started. I know that because I still get notifications about the game. It seems a cruel joke since I am still locked out.

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    If you've sent me a message, thank you for your patience. We're quite swamped at the moment, but we'll do our best to reach you as soon as we can.

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    I cant log in since 11/26

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    Well I am back in but the leaderboard is not working and it keeps showing me the last leaderboard.

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