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    Quote Originally Posted by footballmel View Post
    Welcome to RS2! Nice to see someone active on the boards. I second what Paul said.

    I've been playing for years and I still haven't maxed everything, just focused on what I needed--and sometimes unlock things because I happened to have the right tools and didn't want to throw things out (your toolbox and pantry have the same capacity, so sometimes you have to dump nails waiting for hammers or whatever). Best of luck! Hope you are enjoying the game. It's my favorite S8 game.
    BTW, I wish I'm at the point to dump screws I'm always short on screws. To make room, I have been dumping blue prints and planks.
    Every single one of my gems have been used to buy screws.
    I'm at pantry 80, general 3, butcher 3, veggie 4, and I'm still way short on screws.
    I do have tons of shovels. I have no clue when I will need these. I see that veggie 5 will need shovels, so I'm hanging on to those. They are just filling up my toolbox.
    I'll keep expanding my pantry so I don't have to dump more blueprints and planks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piggiful3 View Post
    Thanks, I really don't want to level.....but it just happens
    I'm focusing on getting veggie market to 4 and pantry as big as possible. I just recently expanded because I ran out of space
    At level 30, I still have no interest in unlocking things like seafood or cucumber. Though I did give in and put in the mixer and the pizza oven last night.
    Yes, the cruise gets harder because it throws all kinds of stuff I can't make at me. But overall, my second cruise seems to be going alright, since my pantry is 3 times as big as when I was doing my first cruise.

    So, other than making gem recipe, are there other good uses for those gold stamps?
    I want to finish the side quest primarily to get those 4 gold stamps
    I have been able to make mastery spice thingy since I got to level 25, so it actually isn't all that difficult. It just takes a lot of space and a lot of mastery spices.

    Any other tips?
    There are a few other recipes that use the European Butter from Gold Stamps. Most of these recipes are easy to make (if you have the stamps) and you can unlock them using your Recipe Cards. Good luck!
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