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Thread: What Do You Enjoy About Farm Story 2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flash64 View Post
    I have been playing for years now & have to agree with everything everyone else has mentioned. Can’t trade gold cow bells,too many drops from crops during events.etc.etc.WOULD LOVE TO SEE,more farm related buildings, crops, animals,trees. Moveable pond/stream. Where you could actually put animals near a habitat that they belong.
    No more same old same old events mix it up a bit basically it’s becoming boring.
    Great points! I agree. Need more Farm-related events and prizes not wacko alien, monkey, non-farm themes.

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    I've been thinking of something lately...

    With the collection turn in events that use the Collections Gallery and the Farmer's Outpost, I was thinking of having like a value pack offer for them, like a last chance offer package for it.

    Like say, if you didn't get the Exclusive Pet from said collection, you can get it, the pet, and a few other things in a value pack. Like a few decorations from the collection event the pet came from, though not all, for like 13-15 dollars as a deal from the value pack offer.

    For example,

    x1 Camp Guide Flytrap
    x2 Welcome Camper Sign
    x4 Glass Firepit
    x1 Projector & Screen
    x4 Fishing Break

    For the cost of about 15 or so dollars.

    Only using them as like an example, (not that I wouldn't mind seeing the CGF offered, hint hint) and just picked a random amount for each, except the pet. As if this is ever done or implemented, it would make sense to only offer just 1 pet in the pack offer.

    It's an idea, and depending on what pet it was and if I couldn't get it from the turn ins itself, I would probably buy into the value pack if it were a pet I really wanted, but again couldn't get.

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