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Thread: What Do You Enjoy About Farm Story 2?

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    What Do You Enjoy About Farm Story 2?

    Howdy Farmers,

    We on the Farm Story 2 team would like to reach out to our players in hopes of making everyone's Farm Story experience the best it can be. We would love to get some feedback on a few topics! Please feel free to share any feedback you have on the following:

    What are some of your favorite events and why?
    What are some of your least favorite events and why?
    What makes a prize valuable to you?
    What types of prizes would you like to see more of?
    What themes do you like and why?
    What themes do you dislike and why?
    Are there any areas of the game that you feel you're stuck on?
    Do you have any general feedback you'd like to share?

    We look forward to your feedback and getting to know what you, the player, enjoy about Farm Story 2!

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    Going to edit my post as I go...


    -Honestly I'm not really a fan of the kind of event we just had. It's too much work to have to gather a bunch of items then craft it and the numbers to turn in goes up each time you progress. It's already alot of items you need just to craft them. For example, the yellow gloves took forever to get the amount needed to finish all of the goals, but the other event items was so much easier to get.. if it wasn't for having the one item being so hard to get then I think I would like these kind of events better.. or if they was still hard to get the one item, but it doesn't take as much needed to turn in each time.. like the last goal asked for like 7 each.. that's too much work when one of the items is going to be really hard to get...

    -I like the leaderboards that ends in shorter amount of days and you need to reach like 3500 points to finish the milestones.. I never have trouble finishing these shorter ones in time..

    -The longer leaderboards is definitely something I don't like! I mean I like getting the prizes, but I personally feel like they ask for too many points and I find myself struggling to finish without using gems most times.. Kind of thing where you have to spend most of your time in the game to finish without using gems.. Maybe offer more ways in the game to get points from more buildings, animals other than the pigs, or trees.. if not could offer more points from the things that already gives points..


    I like exotic pets, but still prefer regular pets though. I think I would like getting exotic pets during events more if they was able to be stored. Unfortunately they aren't so if you place them, you can't restore them if you wanted to so it's the kind of thing where you have to decide wisely on which to take out of storage.. I don't like having holiday like themes out when it's not that holiday... We should be able to place those in storage after that holiday is over ... I have so many decorations and pets so I like to do a lot of changing up so my stuff can be rotated, but really hard to do because of limited space and the exotic pets takes up alot of space if you have them all out...
    - I love gnomes, can we please get more different kinds of them to win! Also more gnome habitats would be highly appreciated!!
    -I agree with other players, the monkeys are cute, but have been offering too many lately! Would be better if you could store them and place on farm whenever you want..
    -I'm also over racoons, been too many of them as well.. They are cute, but can we get something different that the game doesn't already have?
    -A few more of my favorites are decorations with butterflies and bugs, so cute! Would be lovely to see a butterfly pet that looks like a butterfly (not like the one with bread and butter)

    The game was more interesting when you knew you would eventually be able to expand easier and place more items/pets, but now since the game made it to where the newer papers (2nd sets and 3rd sets) can't be bought in the shops and can only be gotten from airplanes or using gems, I have been most days making myself get on the game during events because of this.. Why do us like this? We should be able to buy the papers with coins... This is my favorite game and this was very disappointing.. now it takes forever to expand, if at all

    Can we get different prizes in the balloon and different prizes in the treehouse (not just for limited time) would be nice to see the old prizes replaced with new ones. I do love how the game has been giving us a new limited time treehouse goal every so often.
    Can we get more of the habitats than what's allowed... Would be nice to have more than the limit.. even make it to where more of the pets can be placed in the habitats instead of just 3 in each would be nice or be allowed to place pets in different habitats based off their theme, like all the winter themed pets be able to be placed in the snow park, but most are limited to where they can be placed. Another example is to allow all cats to be put in the cat habitat (like there's a cat one that will only go in the rescue pen. Should have the choice of this one or the cat one)

    Can we please have different kind of events being offered instead of the same ones... Like bring back some of the events farm story used to do.. I haven't been able to participate in those as I wasn't playing but would love to be able to
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    What are some of your favorite events and why?
    Holiday events are the best.
    Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day
    Then go with animal events!
    Horse Event, Cat Event, Dog Event, Chickens, Cows and Pigs.
    The monthly events are a lot of fun. Daily pumpkin smash, etc.
    Loved the Egyptian Event and prizes.
    Love the Birthday Party each year for Farm Story 2 with the cake.

    What are some of your least favorite events and why?
    Leaderboard because only two players are going to win the grand prize but really nice there are milestone prizes and another event happening at the same time.

    What makes a prize valuable to you?
    I as most people just like to win!

    What types of prizes would you like to see more of?
    Pets that walk around.
    Paths and matching fences.
    The animated decorations are nice.
    Love the fairies and the birds that fly. The Gnomes are nice too but we need more Gnome habitats.
    Cats well what can I say. Love anything cat related.
    Holiday Prizes. Holiday Prizes. Holiday Prizes.

    What themes do you like and why? I enjoy all the events but there are a few past events that were a lot of fun too.
    The fair was fun and the prize machines.
    Holiday themes.

    What themes do you dislike and why?
    We are a farm not a Monkey Jungle. The exotic monkeys are cute but they cannot be stored.
    Most of the Events now ...seem to be for exotic pets and they cannot be stored so a lot of farmers just leave them in the cellar. Kind of sad you win the grand prize and you can't display it. We don't want to be forced to have holiday items out for the entire year. Decorating our farms is important to us.

    Are there any areas of the game that you feel you're stuck on?
    Expanding is difficult but gives a Player something to do. If the parts are not going to be sellable could the new expansion parts also drop from pets, butterflies, etc. Not just planes.

    Do you have any general feedback you'd like to share?
    We have a balloon and the prizes have not been changed for a few years so would be great to have some new prizes!
    Years ago Stormie's farm displayed the new Event prizes for each Event. I can remember racing to Stormie's farm to see the prizes for the event. Perhaps that can happen again.
    When there is an event for a holiday take Christmas. Look at the date and have it end a couple days before the holiday so we can enjoy the prize for the holiday. A player would have more incentive to spend money and get the prize if they can have it out for the holiday. Take the fireworks Event this year. The Event didn't start until after fireworks day.
    Please make the exotic pets storable. Design a storage stable like in Dragon Story. Players will gladly buy it.
    Reward players that have been with you for years. Perhaps a special Decoration when you reach level 100.

    My thoughts a Park Bench says Level 100 as the back!
    Two animated white cats on the bench with an old Grandma feeding the pigeons!
    Beings I am being explicit one cat should have odd eyes! One Blue and one Yellow Green!
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    I too would like a variety of events like we used to have. The spot is still there for the county fair but no events, if we are not ever going to have more, I would like that piece of land for farm use please. This constant same ole same ole has gotten really old, I used to play several times a day but now, mostly only open the game once a week. Surely someone on the developer team has an interest in changing this game up! Or even Farm Story 3!

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    I would like to see more diversity in the events. Maybe bring back some of the older events (county fairs, prize machines, world events, etc.) I understand that these are iOS only, but maybe we could get a rotation of these in lieu of the 14 day leaderboard once in a while alongside a collection event. My favorite events are the ones with regular pet prizes since the pets are storable. Exotic Pets are permanent on both platforms, and take up a bunch of space after you have a lot of them. I also prefer seeing the pets walk around the farm and the cute animations when you pet them and when they are ready to collect. One other thing that I miss is the updates that we used to get with new permanent content (new crafts, new animals, etc) since it gave us something new to explore and a different format of quests.
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    #1 - I would like to have the new maps, for sale signs and survey machines back for sale in the newspaper. I would like to expand so I can decorate for Halloween but I can't yet because I don't have enough items to expand & they cannot be bought. I would like to place all my pretty decorations out, I love to decorate but banning the items is so messed up.

    There are a lot of players who need them and another set who are willing to sell them because they no longer need, allow back some community help.

    I'm okay with exotic & regular pets but please NO MORE primates again.

    We could use some fairies, exotic birds, owls for Fall & Halloween.
    If ideas are an issue please refer to Pet Shop Story seasonal pets over the many years for inspiration, there are many cool examples you can draw inspiration from.

    Allow seasonal pets to be stored in seasonal habitats as I would like to place my reindeer dog & gingerbread dog in the snow park.

    Allow similar pet types to be stored together, I would like to put my pixel slime with my floral slime in the fawn meadow.

    What are some of your favorite events and why ?

    I don't have a favorite but it would be nice to have more spin win side events, gumball machine both single & multiple ones, county fairs, community world events.

    What makes a prize valuable to you ?

    I love to decorate so I appreciate the creativity of the each prize instead of copies of the same.

    What types of prizes would you like to see more of ?

    More decorations & variety of pets, see above my suggestion for Fall & Halloween.

    What themes do you like and why ?

    Christmas because it's literally the most wonderful time of the year.

    Halloween because October is spooky & be what you want to be month, aka costume parties.

    Are there any areas of the game that you feel you're stuck on ?
    Do you have any general feedback you'd like to share ?

    Expansions, I would like to buy the items I need from the community again.

    Suggestions To Improve Game Experience HERE

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    I would love love love to see some new buildings that could be bought with gold cow bells? I have quite a few of those saved up.

    I would really love to have the large and heavy train delivery options unlocked!

    It would also be really cool to rerelease some of the limited time habitats like the piggy paradise with some new pets (not exotics) - And for the love, please stop with the garden fences on the leaderboard wheel 😂

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    What are some of your favorite events and why?
    Collection events are my favourite because they don’t take up barn space although I know tons of farmers that love the events that you can collect from the crops cause you can make a ton of money that way. I think one key thing is taking a break between events. A day is not long enough to not have a event.
    What are some of your least favorite events and why?
    I hate anything I have to collect from the chickens/pigs because the drop rate is awful. Of course these are the ones that require 15 of and 23-25 of the item to be made. People have lives and the events have become time consuming and boring. I used to complete every challenge and do not anymore
    What makes a prize valuable to you?
    I have no care for pets/exotic pets anymore having a prize like being able to turn coins into gems or winning gems or coins or valuable items like sauces/ice creams etc would be nice.
    What types of prizes would you like to see more of?
    Personal opinion gems because then if I want a pet I can buy it.
    What themes do you like and why?
    Honestly none of them really stick out at me.
    What themes do you dislike and why?
    I dislike that some of the themes are directly related to the states and could maybe have something that reflects other countries.
    Are there any areas of the game that you feel you're stuck on?
    No because I have friends and a group that can help although not being able to discard a truck even though I won’t complete it is frustrating. I stop sending a hot air balloon because it became predictable on what it would request based on what I could see in my storage. Getting extra maps (the holo map and such in my opinion didn’t help because it takes the option of getting a screw/paint/old map etc from happingjng)
    Do you have any general feedback you'd like to share?
    I’m one of the admins of a pretty big farm story 2 helper group and we often ask these questions to see where people are stuck. The events are nice cause they give something to do but they should be a small added thing to make the game fun not something that takes all your time so your not able to craft anything in the farmer outpost. Also give us a flag for that!

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    Thank you for taking the time to hear us out. We definitely appreciate this!

    While this game is obviously a collection game it would be nice to envelop the task in more of story format that involves the Farm itself vs fantastical stories like Aliens and Monkeys. Our Characters need more of an on-going storyline as well as storylines for the themed events. Maybe incorporate a story-thread into some new style events that involve collecting but also building items. I really enjoy the story-telling in Castle Story and since our game is Farm Story it would be nice to have more of it woven into the game playing. For example, how about some back-story on our characters and what about some new visitors to the Farm? Maybe they’re just passing through or maybe the stay for awhile. Either way it would be nice to have the characters more involved.

    I do like leaderboards when they are the shorter ones. I appreciate the milestone prize which is mainly what I usually play for. While I have spent real money on gems to boost up to win leaderboards (which is the only way to win actually) I can’t afford to do it regularly so I usually opt to just play for the milestone.

    Like others in the forum I like the animated pets vs just the exotics. I do love some of the exotics though but some I would I like to store. My biggest issue with some of them is that after they’ve fed, they are lifeless for 12 hours. Others perk right up after you feed them. It’s inconsistent.

    As I’ve mentioned in other posts in the forum, I would very much like to see prizes (pets) that are specific-droppers of specific items such as expansion parts or barn/silo parts. We have the Show Pony gem dropper but that’s it. It would be nice to know when a new event starts what the pet will drop. If it’s an item I need for example like Paint or For Sale Signs I might be more eager to go all in to win it vs knowing the pet is just going to be a random dropper like all the others.

    I do enjoy the decoration prizes too. I really like trees, plants, flowers, birds, and cute little houses that match back to the theme of the prize/event. Paths and fences that match are nice too. I love the animated decorations too. They are really some of my favorite things. I also really like the frogs, lizards, and the cute snails and crabs. While dinosaurs aren’t actually farm animals lol, I do like them too. Tbh I love pretty much all the pets except maybe the monkeys and some of the wacko things like the blobs. I like the animals more.

    I miss having new skins for the animals and the buildings. I really used to enjoy seeing the new ones, especially for the holiday events.

    As far as pet prizes go, it would be nice to have actual Farm animals as prizes. I would like to see actual farm animals that walk around. We got the cow in the business suit recently, but it would be nice to have just cows without costumes. There are so many different breeds of cows, chickens, etc that could be fun to bring in besides just the ones in the pens.

    I really enjoy the holiday themes and like I said earlier it would be good to incorporate more stories into the game vs just a story contrived around a prize. Let the theme or the storyline be it’s own thing with the prize developing out of the storyline organically not the other way around.

    I guess my biggest sticking point is the expansion issue. I am forever stuck it seems trying to collect the For Sale Signs. I really wish like I mentioned that we could strive to win prizes/pets that specifically dropped items like expansion parts. There’s got to be another way to get parts vs just plane deliveries. It is just too expensive for me to buy the parts. Also I really wish we could get an answer one way or the other about the old expansion parts. Please just let us know if we still need to keep them after a certain level. I would really like to clear my barn out of these parts if they are no longer necessary. It’s so frustrating to have the barn filled with them. Also if we are at a certain level, I think it would make sense to not get the old parts as prizes or from deliveries unless we know for sure we don’t need them and can then just sell them. But even so I would rather not get them at all since I really just need the new current parts.

    Thanks again for this opportunity to speak our minds. We love the game and hope that you continue to support it! Thank you.

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    "Do you have any general feedback you'd like to share?"

    Make it possible to trade golden and silver cowbells for bronze cowbells. Or expand the boosts to include golden and silver cowbells. Or else don't have the truck drop golden cowbells if there is no use for them.
    Also, I really hate this continued advertising for the "property brothers" game. It is at least one year now and pops up every time I open any storm8 game. I cannot even get rid of it thru downloading and playing, because it is not connected to the storm8 id and I play with multiple storm8 ids on the same device.
    Speaking of advertising in the game(s), it is ok to do so when I can decide when and in exchange for some benefit (presents). But it is very annoying to have an ad clip pop up any time without being able to control when or if and get nothing in return. I don't make any deliveries any more because of the ad clips.
    And I would really need to expand, but it is not possible any more (too many permits needed, and where can I get survey machine, new map, for sale sign anyway?). If I cannot expand, there is no use in getting items that have to be placed somewhere, which means it is useless to play in events or buy anything.

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