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Thread: GOAL: Shimmering Snack - 2021 Aug 03 (15 Days)

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    although im kinda dissapointed with the goal prize (cos its anothet fountain hais) but i do love how the first recipe looks like on the 1st goal oven! Click image for larger version. 

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    I like all the pretty recipes on the first appliance, I especially like the 'stained glass cookies' presentation.

    Not interested in another fountain but this one has some elegance to it.

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    Thank goodness we have a fountain. Nice to have a change! I skipped the last final goal prize and I will skip this one. One less thing to scroll past. The recipes look okay...and gems are always a I will probably make them, at least the first oven.

    The side goal has an ugly table runner that doesn?t blend with the pretty flowers and stuff. Skipping that.

    What is with all the red and yellow? Are they aiming for a McDonalds motif or a China one? Puhleeze stop with the red and yellow!

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    Just playing for the new recipes ? the tables and chairs are ok but goalprize like others i agree? another fountain
    It takes away the fun in playing with this stupid prizes.

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    The first recipe looks so lovely and pretty!

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    Can you give Android users the same goal, or "value pack offer," that you are offering Apple users please?! Personally, I spend a lot of time and real money playing this game, and I think it is wrong and unfair that I cannot buy that pack containing "Italian Kitchen" just bc I choose not to own an iPhone/iPad. Honestly, I don't understand why that would not be an option for ALL players.

    Also, Android users would like the "block" feature that Apple users already have. I can't imagine it would be too difficult to make this game equally fair to all players, regardless of what phone/device we own.. especially giving ALL users the option to block other players from posting on their walls that, as I mentioned, Apple users have and have had for quite some time now. We are not 2nd best to Apple users and should certainly NOT be treated as such. If you want to give IOS users a special offer, great, but then give Android users one too please! I stopped playing this game for almost 2 years then came back, I am beginning to remember now why I left when I did. The fact that your team literally does not listen to anything that your users are requesting/suggesting, and sometimes even begging for is mind boggling to me. We, the players, are the people who make your app a success, and it is very discouraging to see so little done on Storm8's part to make any changes to try to meet prime requests/suggestions.. like the whole fountain thing. WE ALL HAVE ENOUGH FOUNTAINS, please, give us something we will actually want to display in our bakery. The last 4 gifts were fountains.. seriously, please stop now. Thank you. (I don't think for a second that anyone from Storm8 will even read this, and honestly, I don't think that we will ever see the changes/improvements we are practically begging for at this point. Which is quite sad considering we, THE PLAYERS, are the sole reason your app is successful.)

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    The picture shows Italian Bakery plus10 Stained Glass Panel. 15 15 15 other parts
    Bought one and got Italian Bakery. 10 Stained Glass and also 10 10 10 other parts which should have been 15 15 15


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    yeah truuueeee & agreeeee! why do we have so many fountains ??!!??

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    Apparently I'm collecting fountains. I should open a fountain shop instead of a bakery ;').

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    Coming back from hiatus to a goal like this isn't the worst thing -- I've never decorated much with fountains, but I'll try to complete it nonetheless. The recipes on the first appliance are super cute but the table and chair for this event aren't that spectacular.

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