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Thread: Re-release goal ovens.

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    Re-release goal ovens.

    Please, please, please give us a chance to either work for or pay for old ovens that are locked. I have 39 ovens I can?t use because they are looked and I would love to make the recipes on them. Some newer players might appreciate the chance to get some of those ovens too. (This goes for Bakery Story too). The games need this kind of thing to make it more exciting. Our present goals are predictable and visiting neighbors is getting boring.

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    Thanks for your suggestion!

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    I agree 100%. I used to have an old account back when I started playing on this game, Bakery Story and Fashion Story on my Kindle device and I was also able to download Restaurant Story to my desktop. I bought my first Kindle back in 2009. None of these games are available on any Amazon Kindle device anymore. If I would've done a lot more research I wouldn't have purchased my last Kindle HD 10 in 2020.They have changed a lot in these games, it used to give us 30 days to complete goals now it's 15 days and then to release old stuff you have to complete goals in 5 days. It would be nice if they unlock appliances/goals and not be so time stringent to make these games for fun and enjoyable. Between Restaurant Story and Bakery Story they have both goals going on at the same time which in turn means you can possibly lose out on achieving those items. And having to submit to Friends to help build these appliances is asking waaaaay too much when people don't have time to respond to work and school. By now you would think they would think about their customers who still actually have stuck around to playing these games: Bakery Story, Fashion Story and Restaurant Story NEED to make it more enjoyable: PLEASE open old appliances/goals. Thanks for your listening and support.

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    It would be great to have another chance at the appliances that are locked…also bring back appliances that were removed like the Crab Grill. I love the recipies.

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