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Thread: Really S8? THIS is what order you give me to fill??

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    Really S8? THIS is what order you give me to fill??

    I?d include a photo if I knew how and yes, I do have a screen shot.

    The order I have to fill to get a key, probably a silver I can?t use anyways, is as follows.

    Two scones
    Double order of snowball cakes for four total
    Two PB&J cake
    Two creme br?l?e
    Two peanut butter balls

    Let?s break this down by resources and cook times.

    6 custard = 9 hours blend time
    4 peanut butter = 4 hours of blend time
    4 jelly = 2 hours of mix time
    16 frosting = 2.5 hours of mix time

    13 straight hours of continuous blend time
    4.5 straight hours of continuous mix time

    18 straight hours of bake time on the cake maker

    How about a this realistic or even fair? Really?

    I better get a gold key for this, IF I babysit this game for the next 24 hours to make this work, which, I doubt it will because I?m not waking up every three hours to make a cake in a game.

    Do better. This is really quite crappy to do to someone.

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    Is this Bakery Story 2? If so how do you get to fill orders?


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    Is this in Bakery Story? I was wondering if I am able to fill orders and if so, how do I do it?

    Thanks for any help.


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