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Thread: Aetherstorm Dragon - 2021 Jul 23

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellerslie6 View Post
    Hey Paul
    Any chance of adding the Beast icon to the Breeding Filter list - and to the Codex? For longstanding players with so many dragons it takes ages to scroll through. (I have 198 dragons of which only 2 include Beast icon). I stupidly tried to use Grydfin as a breeding partner during a Bingo option and timed out because I couldnt find it in the 15 minute timing limit. If this is not possible in the short term, how about extending Bingo breeding time to 20 or 30 minutes? There are several other element icons missing from filter lists as well. Thank you
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    Griffin & Light total fail

    Quote Originally Posted by hansidox14 View Post
    Me too! Murphy?s Law
    Gryfiin & Light = 24 hours
    I?ve used Griffin & light and every time is 24 hours!
    So, stupid to make these necessary dragons so hard to breed!
    Just another way for Storm8 to make your spend Gold!
    Beyond irritating!

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    I have had 24 hours multiple times with this combo!
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    Doesn?t look like I?m gonna get this one.

    IMPORTANT: there are gryffin AND griffin dragons, so make sure you?re choosing the right one

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    Finally got the Aetherstorm Dragon after 4 attempts with the Light Dragon and Water Dragon.

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