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Thread: Tide Tulips are not dropping

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    Tide Tulips are not dropping

    I have collected from Rocket Larkspur 66 times and have only received one (1) Tide Tulip. Is anyone else experiencing the same low collection?

    Actually, nothing much is dropping from any of the items listed: Brine Lillies from cows, Pearlescent Glitter from sparkling mine, Trollwater Twine from troll camp, Fish Tail from skunkupines.

    I haven’t even tried from the items we need to purchase if it’s an ongoing issue.
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    Are you on the latest version of the game? Once you get up to the goal asking for the items they will drop. The fish tail is a guaranteed drop, the other items are not. Are you still having issues? In my game the items were a little more difficult to get this time, especially the ones from flowers and cows and I used probably twice as much energy getting them. I sat there and collected all 44 in one go for a few hours before moving on to the next goal...

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