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Thread: Fireworks - 2021 - July 7

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    Fireworks - 2021 - July 7

    Fireworks Monkey
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Final preparations prior to event

    How to Play?

    Getting Started
    1. (instructions on event screen)
    2. Recipes found in Post 2

    Where Do I Find Fireworks
    All drops are random!
    Yellow Fireworks - Fishing
    Red Fireworks - Monkey
    White Fireworks - Kitchen
    Blue Fireworks - Chickens
    Purple Fireworks - Planes
    Green Fireworks - Passion Fruit Vines
    Orange Fireworks- Mine

    Matches - Monkey

    Refer to General Guidelines for Goal Event in Event Guide and Frequently asked questions in Goal Guide to know what are the do's and dont's for goals.

    Goal 1 of 9:Fireworks
    I can't wait to set off some fireworks! These summer nights lend itself well to some amazing firework displays!
    Get 1 Red Firework from the Firework Monkey - pops up on the farm
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Goal 2 of 9: Fireworks
    Morgan, our farm loves fireworks too! I think there's a monkey loose on the farm playing with fireworks!
    Get Blue Firework from chickens
    Get White Firework from kitchen - random from crafts
    Make 1 Star Firework in Specialty Goods
    REWARDS: 200 coins, Chicken Fireworks, 3 experience points

    Goal 3 of 9: Fireworks
    Can we try and invite him to stay? Maybe the monkey will give us more fireworks!
    Get 1 Green Fireworks from Passion Fruit Vines
    Get 1 Yellow Firework from Fishing
    Make 1 Heart Firework in Farmer's Outpost
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Goal 4 of 11: Fireworks
    I think we can do that! We'll need to catch him first, as per tradition!
    Get 1 Purple Fireworks - Random Drop Planes
    Get 1 Orange Fireworks- from the mine
    Get 1 Smiley Fireworks - Made in Farmer's Outpost
    REWARDS: 200 coins, Bunny Fireworks Stand, 3 experience points

    Goal 5 of 9:Fireworks
    After we catch him, he'll probably want to stay! Let's get some fireworks ready!
    Give 3 Star Fireworks
    Give 3 Heart Fireworks
    Give 3 Smiley Fireworks
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Goal 6 of 9: Fireworks
    Lucas, do you think fireworks are pretty?
    Give 4 Star Fireworks
    Give 4 Heart Fireworks
    Give 4 Smiley Fireworks
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Goal 7 of 9: Fireworks
    I like the explosions.
    Give 5 Star Fireworks
    Give 5 Heart Fireworks
    Give 5 Smiley Fireworks
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Goal 8 of 9: Fireworks
    I'm really excited to meet our new firework friend!
    Give 6 Star Fireworks
    Give 6 Heart Fireworks
    Give 6 Smiley Fireworks
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Goal 9 of 9: Fireworks
    I really hope we've made our new friend happy. I'm sure this will be a really cool place for him to live!
    Give 7 Star Fireworks
    Give 7 Heart Fireworks
    Give 7 Smiley Fireworks
    REWARDS: 500 coins, Exotic Fireworks Monkey, 25 experience points

    Side Goal (optional)
    Goal 1 of 2: Look To The Sky
    The Bunny Firework Stand has appeared! Give it some Firework Box to get some extra Red Fireworks!
    Have Specialty Goods
    Get 1 Firework Box from Specialty Goods
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Goal 2 of 2: Look To The Sky
    Give the Bunny Firework Stand your Firework Box! You'll get a bunch of extra Fireworks items for your troubles!
    Give the Bunny Firework Stand
    5 Firework Boxes
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Light Up The Night
    Set up the Sparklers and that Fireworks Monkey will give us more Red Fireworks and Matches!
    Buy Sparklers from Market
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Goal 1 of 2: Whizzbang!
    If you need more Red Fireworks yo can lure that Firework Monkey to the Chicken Firework to get some extra materials.
    Have 1 Chicken Fireworks
    Make 1 Plane Delivery
    Get 5 Lit Sparklers - random drop planes
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Goal 2 of 2: Whizzbang!
    Leave the Firework Monkey some Lit Sparkler and see what happens!
    Place 5 Lit Sparklers on the Chicken Fireworks
    Get 3 Red Fireworks
    REWARDS: 200 coins, 3 experience points

    Event Prizes
    Fireworks Monkey - Exotic Pet - 1 square
    Bunny Firework Stand
    Chicken Firework
    Sparklers - only by gem purchase
    Note: Your event prizes can be found in your cellar.

    Event Boost (if any)
    Sparklers - 75 gems
    Chicken Fireworks - 10 gems - one time use
    Bunny Firework Stand - 100 gems
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    Star Fireworks
    30 minutes Specialty Goods
    15 Blue Fireworks
    3 White Fireworks
    3 Red Fireworks

    Heart Fireworks
    2 hours Farmer's Outpost
    2 Green Fireworks
    3 Yellow Fireworks
    3 Red Fireworks

    Smiley Fireworks
    1 hour Farmer's Outpost
    3 Purple Fireworks
    2 Orange Fireworks
    3 Red Fireworks

    Fireworks Box
    2 hours Specialty Goods
    3 Matches

    Fireworks Box is given to the Bunny Fireworks Stand
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    Ohmigawd ANOTHER ugly monkey! Is it at least a pet?!
    Officially requesting no more ugly monkeys.

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    Looks like this is another exotic pet. Not sure though, but all the monkeys so far have been exotic pets. I miss having regular pets as prizes.
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    Everyone should be able to see him pop up on the farm.
    He is huge!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sigh... Another monkey.

    They could've given us a pelican or flamingo as the prize but instead just another...

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    It?s July 7, fireworks is over now

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    In the Farm Story 2 Forum.
    Another monkey... ? anyways. Probably will sit this event out as well.

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    Goal 3/9

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Before I have finished goal 4, in Specialty Goods, I make a Fireworks Box. Two hours later, the Fireworks Box vanished. It is not in the Barn.
    But I see in the Silo a lot of new old items : Baby?s Breath (13), Lily of the Valley(12), Sweet Peas(6) and Peach Roses(6).


    When the goal 4 will be terminated, I suppose that it will serve in the Bunny Fireworks Stand.
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