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Thread: As Busy as a Baron Pond DISAPPEARED

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    As Busy as a Baron Pond DISAPPEARED

    ID: linmii / Kingdom name: Linford
    iPad Mini 5
    OS 14.6

    I began the new event "As Busy as a Baron."
    I placed the pond and upgraded it 2 times.
    While looking to see what the requirements were for the next level, I decided to move the pond to a new location.
    Then I tried to rotate the pond and poof, it disappeared!

    I closed the game and reopened it 2 times.
    I looked around to see if it relocated somewhere, it didn't.
    I checked the market to see if I could buy a new pond... it's not available.
    I shut down my device and restarted it, still no pond or the ability to repurchase one.

    Can you please help?
    Thank you.

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    I tapped around the area where I tried to move the pond and found a hidden ghost of it. When I rotated the ghost my pond reappeared.

    So all is good now!

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    Thanks for letting us know you were able to find it!
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