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Thread: Parts request issue

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    Parts request issue

    I have noticed for awhile when friends request parts that it will show the request was made 22 hours 24 hours even 36 hours ago. How can that be? I don't stay on the game all day but I check it 6 to 8 times or more from 445am when I get up until around 9pm when I go to bed. This doesn't happen on rs
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    It's all down to the request queue which will retain unanswered requests for as long as a week. It's most likely the old reqs you're seeing are from a player with many active neighbors.

    If the player sends out more than 20 requests, as soon as they hit their daily 20 cap, the rest of the requests goes into the queue. At the daily reset, the game will automatically send the remaining requests and the cycle will continue until every request is answered, enough time elapses or the player creates a new request - all of which will clear the queue.
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