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Thread: Pop's Barbecue Event - 2021 June 16

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    Turned in 38 to the truck and didn't get the monkey... Figures... Blah

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    After 50 plus collections turn ins, I got the monkey on my second to last try.

    I will probably sell everything I got, except the monkey and the Football Pile, just in case the Football Flytrap ever Comes back. Anyways, was shocked I even got it. Was expecting another duplicate.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    End Amount (54)

    13x Football Goal
    12x Football Pile
    10x Chain Marker
    8x Pom Pom Pile
    3x Football Plays
    3x Referee Scarecrow
    2x Cheering Cow
    1x Cheering Pig
    1x Cheering Chicken
    1x Monkey Grill Master
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