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Thread: ☀️ Fashion Story: Summer Sale Suggestion Thread

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    ☀️ Fashion Story: Summer Sale Suggestion Thread

    Fashion Story Summer Sale Suggestion Thread

    With summer just around the corner, what previous items would you like to see in a possible Summer / Back to School Sale in Fashion Story?

    If there are any items you would like to see, feel free to post them below! Pictures are highly encouraged.

    This thread is for previously released items. Please do not post new/current game features nor suggestions.

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    Note: Please also note that while suggestions will be taken into account, it is ultimately at the Storm8 Staff's discretion as to what actually comes on sale at the time the sale(s) go(es) live. This thread is not for suggesting new features or changes to the game. All off topic posts will be removed.
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    Hey a sale would be great! Can you please tell what were the previous summer/back to school related items or if you could provide a forum link that would be easier.And thanks for sales lately.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I want Hit the beach display please.

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    - Paris Display

    - Potted Palm Tree & Drink Table (Luau Chest)

    - Mall Santa

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    I am not the mod, but I found this thread! I hope it helps.

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    -Summer Chest and Paris Chest on sale

    -Cafe cutie Catlog

    -Precious Prints Catalog

    -And If u can give some design items related to 4th of July on sale too

    -Beach wedding (many of the players are looking for this)
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    I wish they’d bring back some of the old fashions. I don’t even care which ones. Since the code was already written it doesn’t seem that hard to add them back.

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    please please please could you bring back the ?purple paradise? display thanks

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    Please bring back Viral Couture.

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    Fascinator display, Cafe display Paris chest, the Louvre Paris chest, the Purple Paradise

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